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Welcome to a new secure online exam proctoring or remote invigilation experience

Proctortrack is the only automated online remote proctoring solution that continuously verifies the identity of online test-takers, while detecting and deterring academic misconduct. Carefully designed around users and intuitive to use.


Test at Your Convenience
Take your exam from the comforts of home, with no advanced scheduling required

Non intrusive Approach
Remove the manual element for a more comfortable proctoring experience

Easy to Use
Simply launch the app from inside your LMS to take a proctored exam

Excel With Integrity
Emerge from a level playing-field with a more valuable degree

Awesome Features

Ensure trust and confidence in your online exams
with a modern testing experience

proctortrack dashboard is student friendly for invigilating online exams with the help of proctortrack. Proctortrack offers remote invigilation services to Remote Invigilation for eTests.
Seamless User Experience

Proctortrack integrates into all LTI-compatible LMSs, and layers on top of third-party testing platforms for externally-hosted exams.

Online Remote Cognitive Proctoring

Proctortrack offers a superior remote proctored exam experience for candidates and promotes excellence and integrity for education programs through various proctoring mechanisms.

Remote Invigilation and Online Proctoring

Proctortrack brings convenience and comfort to remotely conducted exams. It efficiently monitors online exams to deliver accurate results.

Intuitive Design

Proctortrack contains the entire experience within the LMS environment for students and instructors, with configurable settings to accommodate users and exams of all types.

Cheat Proof Online Proctoring Exam

Proctortrack is platforms that utilize biometrics and machine learning to help conduct online proctoring exams securely and ensures cheat proof live test.

Online Proctored Exam

Proctortrack is AI based behavior analysis – actions & behaviors automatically monitored and flagged when suspicious activities conducted by the student during the online proctored exam.

Automated Exam Remote Invigilation

Proctortrack uses state-of-the-art technologies to recreate effective monitoring settings. Fully automated, it detects and deters cheating in the most sophisticated way.

Secure Online Proctoring

Proctortrack actively preserves the integrity of online exams. It secures the credibility of both, the test and the test-taker through intricate monitoring parameters.

Auto Online Proctoring Services

Proctortrack is a smartest proctoring solution to detect cheating. It provides advanced automated online proctoring services for academic institutions and professional organizations.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Proctortrack customer support is available 24x7x365, via live-chat, phone, and email, where students and instructors can instantly connect with a trained support technician.

Browser Agnostic & Cross-Platform Compatible

Proctortrack meets users where they are comfortable, with support for all major browsers and operating systems.

login in to your lMS and select your test. proctortrack

Log in to your LMS & Select your test

The Proctortrack student experience begins with a seamless integration into all major LMS environments, by simply selecting a Proctortrack-enabled exam.

download proctortrack application

Download & launch the Proctortrack application

Students will be prompted to run Proctortrack, a light application that should download quickly, in less than one minute, and does not require administrative rights.

face, ID, and knuckle scans

Verify your identity

Proctortrack uses multi-factor biometric authentication to verify the identity of students, upon entry. Each student will provide face, ID, and knuckle scans, which will be measured against the student’s baseline biometric profile, stored on file.

take your test proctortrack monitoring

Take your test

A blue frame will appear around the screen to indicate that proctoring has begun and the student is being monitored. After completing and submitting the test, the student may end proctoring and close/uninstall the Proctortrack application. All proctoring data will be transferred to Proctortrack’s secure servers to process against our proprietary algorithms and delivered back to instructors for review, after which it will be purged in accordance with the data retention policy to which your institution agreed.


Our team is always here to answer any questions from students, with award-winning support available around the clock.

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