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Proctortrack leverages automation and live proctoring using AI to deliver innovation, quality and price leadership at scale.

Level 4

ProctorLive AI
  • Live Proctor with AI
  • Hybrid Model
  • True Scalability

Level 3

Proctortrack QA
  • Best Value
  • Most Popular
  • 99.5% Accuracy

Level 2

  • Fully Automated
  • High Quality
  • Fast Results

Level 1

  • Browser Lock
  • Smart Prevention
  • Cost Effective

Real time hybrid model that couples live remote human proctors with AI-enhanced auto proctoring intervention capabilities in cases of suspicious behaviors, cheating or aid a student. Testing integrity results are further analyzed with AI. Ideal for high stakes exams.

This is a more robust version of ProctorAuto where the results from Stage-2 are further analyzed using a manual QA review process. Highest Fidelity Reports. 12-24 Hours Turnaround. Ideal for Midterms & Finals.

Delivers automated identity verification, data recording, and automated data analysis comprising of stage-1 and stage-2 described earlier. This process ensures, strong accuracy results and faster turn around. Delivered within 6 hours.

Does automated identity verification plus data recording. The recorded proctoring data includes video, audio and desktop screenshots. The proctoring data is made available on integrity review page for instructors for self-review. Real time video data available within 2-3 hours. Strong deterrent to misconduct.

Proctor Checkpoint available for all levels

Live pre-test on-boarding with identity verification and room scan secure

Veripass global number identity by proctortrack


VeriPass is the baseline profile for a test-taker created with Biometric scans (Face, ID & Knuckle) and includes ID verification (using a globally available identity check to protect against use of forged documents), secure data storage, training and unlimited support. VeriPass enables authentication of the data collected during real exams by comparison against the baseline profile. Customers have the option of using Veripass in conjunction with Proctortrack or use Veripass only.


New features on the mobile version:

  • Mobile Lockdown
  • Selfie ID
  • Room Scan
  • Calculator
  • Test Clock
  • Document Scan

Features Matrix

Four levels of Proctortrack

Security Matters

Security Matters: Google Cloud & AWS
Security Matters: SOC-2
Security Matters: FERPA, ADA, GDPR ready
Security Matters: 2048 bit RSA

Google Cloud and AWS Storage 11-nines reliability

SOC-2 Certified compliance ensures highest data privacy
and security

FERPA and ADA ready,
GDPR Ready

2048-bit Encryption for data in transit  and data at rest

Over 2.5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered.

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