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Introducing ProctorTA, the world’s first and most advanced in-classroom testing solution, ensuring that no testing malpractice occurs while students are taking tests in the classroom.

Get a scalable proctoring solution with 24 test violation alerts to prevent testing malpractice.


  • Highest Quality
  • Review Real-Time Intervention
  • Student Privacy Secured


Secure browser lock. Continuous Identity Verification. Student Privacy Secured.

ProctorTA is the most reliable in-class proctoring solution that temporarily turns students’ laptops into secure testing devices, limiting their access to unauthorized websites, applications, or system functions. ProctorTA delivers high-value in-classroom exam security while respecting student privacy and data security.


ProctorTA Ensures Complete Security for Classroom Exams

ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant) has the backing of the most sophisticated proctoring technology to prevent cheating during in-classroom exams. The browser lock is equipped with a simple and elegant algorithm to ensure that no malpractice occurs when students take their tests in the classroom.

Student laptops are easily and securely transformed into unique testing terminals. The technology used for locking their browsers ensures no access to unauthorized websites, applications, or system functionalities is available.

A Robust, Secure, and Simple Proctoring Assistant

Continuous Identity verification

Continuous Identity verification

25 Test Risks Identified

25 Test Risks

99% Accuracy Reports

99% Accuracy


24 / 7 / 365 Tech


SPADE Dashboard (Student Privacy and Data Expunge)

Priority to Student Privacy and Data Security

Priority to Student Privacy and Data Security

Faster Results

Faster Results

Faster Results


Robust Technology to Support Teachers

ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant) works as an extension of the teacher’s sensory functions to create a secure and seamless in-classroom environment. Any effort by the students to cheat by using tools such as virtual machines, USB keyboard hacks, or smartphones can be prevented promptly. 

ProctorTA delivers high-value in-classroom test integrity by securing students’ laptops during exam sessions.


Security Matters

Security Matters: Google Cloud & AWS
Security Matters: FERPA, ADA, GDPR ready
Security Matters: 2048 bit RSA

Google Cloud Storage 11-nines reliability

SOC-2 Certified compliance ensures highest data privacy
and security

FERPA and ADA ready,
GDPR Ready

2048-bit Encryption for data in transit  and data at rest


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