Last update Jan 1, 2018.
This is a brief overview of Verificient’s key policies, which include our privacy policy, data purging policy, statement on FERPA compliance, terms and conditions and statement on 508 accessibility standards. Complete, up to date copies of the policies are available on our web site. If you would like additional information or clarification on any of the following topics, please direct your questions to info@verificient.com.

Privacy Policy
Verificient takes student privacy very seriously.  The complete policy outlines Services We Provide, Information We Collect, Cookies and other Tracking Technologies, How We Use Your Personal Information, To Whom We Disclose Your Personal Information, Data Security, Data Integrity, International Users and International Data Transfer, The Choices You Have With Your Information, External Websites, Information from Children, Changes to this policy and Our Contact Information.  In addition to the stated policies, Verificient offers configurable options to go above and beyond in terms of meeting an institution’s requirements. You can view the complete privacy policy here.

Student Data and Purging Policy
Student Data will be held in Verificient secured servers until 90 days after the semester in which the student has taken the last test in the course (or 90 days after the final exam date, including make up tests). At this time (usually by 10 business days), Verificient will provide an automatically generated email to the student after the purging process is completed. This indicates that the student data, collected for the testing party, was purged and deleted from the Proctortrack platform. Verificient will then provide the customer an audit report upon completion of the student purge cycle within 15 business days thereafter.

In case the institution requires data to be preserved for academic hearing purposes.  Verificient will require a written request from institution to retain data longer than the standard total 90-day cycle or request transfer of data to their secured servers (where Verificient Technologies will watermark the transfer, before transferring the change in custody of data).  At which time, the student must be notified of that additional requested time from the institution.  We will work with the institution, and ask them to provide the student full transparency of this deviation from our standard data purge and retention policy.

FERPA Compliance
At Verificient, we understand that some of the educational institutions for which we provide testing services have certain obligations related to the maintenance and disclosure of student information under the United States Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You can view the complete FERPA compliance statement here.

Terms and Conditions
Using the Proctortrack platform requires students to agree to a series of usage terms and conditions.  In addition to the basic terms Verificient requires users to adhere to, institutions can also add additional legal language for students to consent to prior to beginning an exam. You can view the complete Terms and Conditions here.

Accessibility Standards
Ensuring 100% of students are able to successfully use the Proctortrack is our priority. There are however, some instances, where using accessibility tools can trigger integrity violations.  There is a tradeoff between being compliant and ensuring reasonable exam integrity.  In addition to adhering to the 508 accessibility guidelines, Verificient has configurable options that allow us to make special circumstances available to any student who needs them.  You can view a complete breakdown of the 508 accessibility standards and Verificient’s compliance to each section here.