Fully integrated with

For Institutions

Meet Accreditation Requirements 
Achieve DOE Title IV compliance with ID verification and remote proctoring

Protect Your Brand
Demand integrity from students and improve your school’s competitive standing

FERPA Compliant
Choose a secure solution that values privacy and safeguards data

Competitive Low Pricing
Replicate the security of a testing center at a fraction of the cost

For Instructors

Simple Setup
Enable proctoring with one click, from inside your LMS

Test on Your Terms
Customize proctoring settings for each assessment

Efficiently Review Violations
Within 48 hours, review pre-flagged infractions delivered in context

Protect Your IP

Prevent your exam questions from leaking online, and ensure your tests are conducted without deceit or misconduct

For Students

Test at Your Convenience
Take your exam from the comforts of home, with no advanced scheduling required

Non intrusive Approach
Remove the manual element for a more comfortable proctoring experience

Easy to Use
Simply launch the app from inside your LMS to take a proctored exam

Excel With Integrity
Emerge from a level playing-field with a more valuable degree

Our Service

Proctortrack delivers a transparent proctoring solution, and a more comfortable experience for students and instructors.

take your test proctortrack monitoring
Student Test

Students launch the Proctortrack application from inside their LMS to take a proctored test

Proctortrack detected and violations within each session are pre-flagged and time-stamped
Algorithmic Analysis

Proctortrack filters proctoring results to focus instructors’ time on the students and incidents that require their attention.

Review proctoring result Dashboard
Efficiently Review Results

Student proctoring reports include pre-flagged evidence of any misconduct to ensure results are delivered in context

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Over 8 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered.