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Welcome to a new secure online exam remote proctoring experience

Proctortrack is the only automated online remote proctoring solution that continuously verifies the identity of online test-takers, while detecting and deterring academic misconduct. Carefully designed around users and intuitive to use.

Computer Vision

Algorithmic processing enables automated monitoring for policy-compliance at scale

Machine Learning

Combs data to uncover insights that enhance detection algorithms in real-time

Online Identity Verification

Multi-factor biometric authentication upon entry and continuous facial recognition throughout

User-Centered Design

Seamless experience for all user types, with custom integrations and configurable settings to meet your unique needs

Customer Support

Available anytime, on-demand, with support offered 24x7x365 via live-chat, phone, and email

Reliable Results

Accurate and consistent results, delivered in context.

login in to your lMS and select your test. proctortrack

Log in to your LMS & Select your test

The Proctortrack student experience begins with a seamless integration into all major LMS environments, by simply selecting a Proctortrack-enabled exam.

download proctortrack application

Download & launch the Proctortrack application

Students will be prompted to run Proctortrack, a light application that should download quickly, in less than one minute, and does not require administrative rights.

face, ID, and knuckle scans

Verify your identity

Proctortrack uses multi-factor biometric authentication to verify the identity of students, upon entry. Each student will provide face, ID, and knuckle scans, which will be measured against the student’s baseline biometric profile, stored on file.

Take your test

A blue frame will appear around the screen to indicate that proctoring has begun and the student is being monitored. After completing and submitting the test, the student may end proctoring and close/uninstall the Proctortrack application. All proctoring data will be transferred to Proctortrack’s secure servers to process against our proprietary algorithms and delivered back to instructors for review, after which it will be purged in accordance with the data retention policy to which your institution agreed.

proctoring for students online Exams

Enable proctoring for your Exam

The Proctortrack instructor experience begins with a seamless integration into all major LMS environments, where enabling an exam to be monitored by Proctortrack can be done with one click.

proctoring settings for proctortrack app

Configure proctoring settings to meet your needs

Customizable proctoring settings, available when setting up a test, adjust the exam terms to meet each instructor’s unique requirements.

Proctortrack detected and violations within each session are pre-flagged and time-stamped

Test sessions are processed & returned

After students complete their exams, proctoring data is processed against Proctortrack’s finely-tuned algorithms and returned within 48 hours to the Proctortrack Instructor Dashboard. Proctortrack’s automation enables instructors to focus their time strictly on the students and instances that require their attention, as students are assigned a score based on the number of incidents detected and violations within each session are pre-flagged and time-stamped.

Review proctoring result Dashboard

Review proctoring results

Each student report includes identity verification scans, desktop screenshots of any misconduct, and video playback of the student’s testing environment to ensure results are delivered in context.

Awesome Features

Revolutionize your online program with a modern testing experience
Automated Proctorless™ Approach

Proctortrack removes the manual element to achieve consistent and reliable results delivered at-scale, so any number of proctored tests can be taken anytime, anywhere, on-demand.

Online Exam Proctoring Software

Proctortrack is technologically the most advanced proctoring solution allowing institutions to administer online exams with integrity.

Available, Affordable and Accessible

Always available, on-demand, no scheduling required, 24/7/365 support, cost savings passed on to institution and candidate and configurable test settings.

Online Remote Proctoring Service

Use Proctortrack for online exam Remote Proctoring services with options for auto-monitoring.

Online Examination Monitoring Software

Proctortrack is the most trusted and widely accepted online examination. Now students can take the online exams using our exam integrity software from anywhere at anytime

proctortrack dashboard is student friendly for invigilating online exams with the help of proctortrack. Proctortrack offers remote invigilation services to Remote Invigilation for eTests.
Advanced Automated Remote Proctoring Software

Proctortrack is a fully automated, online remote proctoring service that provides a scalable, cost-effective solution to validating student identities & activity during online exams.

Reliable Solution for Online Assessments Platform

Proctortrack is consistent & scalable, works even with disconnected networks providing a seamless user experience.

Intuitive Design

Proctortrack contains the entire experience within the LMS environment for students and instructors, with configurable settings to accommodate users and exams of all types.

Secure Stream

Proctortrack technology that allows the video of the proctored session to be captured even if the internet connection is lost.

Online Exam Monitoring and Remote Invigilation

Remote invigilation is the process to authenticate, authorize and monitoring online examination process in a scalable manner. Fully integrated experience.


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