Proctortrack Suite Designed
for Canadian Institutions

Canada’s most comprehensive, safe and secure Live Proctoring and Automated Proctoring solutions ensure trusted exam integrity for Higher Ed, K12, and Professional Certification programs.

Canadian-based data centers secure the highest level of data security and privacy for your test-takers.

Proctortrack’s world’s first and only SPADE Dashboard (Student Privacy and Data Expunge) empowers students with full transparency to their data.

Proctortrack is fully compliant with Canada’s FIPA (Freedom of Information & Privacy Act) along with GDPR.

Proctortrack offers quick and easy integrations into your learning management systems via LTI or third-party  assessment platforms using our versatile APIs. This ensures that students can simply use their existing credentials and a single sign-on approach to take a proctored exam using Proctortrack.

Proctortrack’s 4 Levels of Monitoring

Proctortrack’s continuous test monitoring approach is the least disruptive and least invasive test experience  for students and prevents testing malpractice at four different monitoring levels.

User Level

Continuous Identity Verification of the User

Desktop Level

Continuous Monitoring of the Browser and Desktop

Work / Space Level

Delivers Room Scan and/or Continuous 2-Camera approach

Core System Level

Continuous Stealth App detection blocks 500+ virtual machines

Proctoring Technologies

Proctortrack is available in three different technologies to serve a variety of student cohorts:

Download App

Similar to a
“Zoom-esque” experience

Browser Extension:

Available for Chrome
Browser and Chromebooks

PEBble App:

Proctored Exam-in-Browser, allows for highest-value secure desktop system monitoring

Allan James,
Executive Director of Canada Hamilton, Ontario
Call: 833-777-6286

LMS Integrations are quick and can be completed within 1-4 days.

Pilots can be completed as little as 3-4 weeks..


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