Webinar – Safeguarding Student Privacy & Data Security, presented by CyberSecOp

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Webinar - Safeguarding Student Privacy & Data Security, presented by CyberSecOp

Please join us for our webinar series

Safeguarding Student Privacy & Data Security

Understanding Cyber-Security using Proctortrack

presented by CyberSecOp,

Friday, December 18 at 10 am EST.

Topics Include:

Understanding cybersecurity, infrastructure, technology, security, privacy and Proctortrack’s approach to the student data lifecycle.

Security Awareness & Practices

  • Threats Overview  
  • Password Safety
  • Web Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Preventive Measures

About CyberSecOp

Based in Stamford, CT and New York City, CyberSecOp is a cybersecurity consulting firm offering managed security services to banking, commercial, education, government, healthcare, aerospace and other key industries since 2001. CyberSecOp assists organizations with Cyber Security and Privacy Consulting Services, providing services such as Cyber Security Program, Data Privacy Security Program, and Cyber Security Assessment services based on the following: NIST, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI, DFAR, GLBA amongst others. 

Recognizing that SMBs also need to be secured with information & cybersecurity programs now more than ever before, CyberSecOp provides access to highly skilled professional security solutions and cybersecurity consultants.

Learn more at www.CyberSecOp.com

About Proctortrack

Proctortrack by Verificient offers the world’s most advanced live proctoring and automated proctoring solutions to deliver quality and price leadership at scale. Proctortrack provides five unique levels of proctoring:

  1. ProctorLock: Web Browser Lock
  2. ProctorAuto: 100% Automated Remote Proctoring
  3. Proctortrack QA: 99% Accuracy with our QA hybrid model
  4. ProctorLive AI: Live Proctoring with AI
  5. ProctorDIY: Do-It-Yourself instructor-driven proctoring 

To learn more, visit www.proctortrack.com

About Verificient Technologies, Inc.

Verificient Technologies Inc. is a Trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) provider specializing in identity verification and authentication through its patented solutions that utilize AI, machine learning, computer visioning, and biometrics. The company has its headquarters in New York City and is trusted by academic, government, and private sector institutions around the world. Verificient ensures the integrity of online users and serves a variety of markets, including higher education, HR & Recruitment, and Remote Labor-Force Management. 

To learn more, visit www.verificient.com