Nov 3 Canvas Webinar: ‘Why Switching to Proctortrack Matters’ Presented by Proctortrack

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New York, NY – November 1, 2022 –  Proctortrack COO Rahul Siddharth will present a webinar,  ‘Why Switching to Proctortrack Matters for Canvas’ on Thursday, November 3rd at 2pm EST. Pre-registration is required. The agenda will include how students cheat on exams, industry technologies, case studies, research & development, and types of proctoring.

Webinar: Why Switching to Proctortrack Matters for Canvas

with Rahul Siddharth, COO of Proctortrack 

Thursday, November 3 at 2pm EST

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Since 2013, Proctortrack by Verificient has been a leading proctoring solution provider delivering secured sessions in over 130 countries. Numerous schools, universities, colleges and LMSs use its highly customizable products to achieve the highest exam integrity. With its live, automated and in-classroom proctoring solutions, Proctortrack delivers the most secure online exam environment with price leadership at scale.

“Proctortrack delivers a complete LTI integration with Canvas Quizzes. Reports provide 99% accuracy to help educators identify any testing malpractice. We operate on a privacy-first approach while handling student data and information. Our application can detect over 500 different virtual machines and stealth apps, alongside a wide range of pre-defined exam violations.” says Rahul Siddharth, COO Proctortrack.

About Proctortrack

Proctortrack offers the world’s most comprehensive live, automated and in-classroom proctoring solutions to deliver quality and price leadership at scale. Proctortrack provides six unique levels of proctoring:

  1. ProctorLock – Robust Browser Lock
  2. ProctorAuto – Automated Proctoring with AI
  3. Proctortrack QA – Automated Proctoring with AI and Human QA Review
  4. ProctorLive – Live Proctoring with AI (Standard + Premium)
  5. ProctorDIY – Do-It-Yourself Live Proctoring Solutions
  6. ProctorTA – On-Campus In-Classroom Proctoring

Rahul Siddharth

Verificient Technologies, Inc.

1250 Broadway 36th Floor
New York, NY 10001