Proctortrack sponsors the FLVC OER Summit 2021

Proctortrack presentation FLVC

(New York, NY)- Proctortrack is proud to participate as a Diamond Sponsor for the FLVC (Florida Virtual Campus) OER Summit 2021 that will be held between May 13-14, 2021 in a virtual environment.  The FLVC is an integral part of Florida’s education community since it provides critical educational support services utilized by all public postsecondary […]

Proctortrack Partners with CyberSecOp to Produce Joint Cybersecurity Awareness and Educational Webinars

Proctortrack partners with Cybersecop

CyberSecOp, a cybersecurity consulting firm, also reviewed and confirmed that Proctortrack’s infrastructure, technology, security, and data privacy systems are safe and secure.  New York, NY (November 12, 2020) – Proctortrack by Verificient has partnered  with CyberSecOp, a Stamford, CT and New York City based cybersecurity consulting firm, to build and deliver a data security and privacy […]

Online Proctoring And Protecting Student Privacy: The Best Of Both Worlds

Maintaining Test-Taker’s privacy is at the core of our product, not an afterthought. how proctortrack's online proctoring service is protecting student privacy.

With schools and colleges switching to digital monitoring, students feel that it is invading their privacy to some extent. In the current scenario, institutions have no other option but to impose online proctored exams as a part of their curriculum. As a result, some students resist the new norm of web proctoring, citing that sitting […]