How AI Is Dropping The ‘Old-School’ Methods Of Learning

AI and the Classroom: Machine Learning in Education. Proctortrack is the AI based proctoring tool

What if, in this day and age, we prefer conventional ways of learning? What if we still practice the same concept of textbook learning with no smart classes? The answer to these questions is, we would lose interest in the entire education system. But, fortunately, the education sector is evolving by the day. Unlike previous […]

Proctortrack Is Now Available On Google Chromebooks!

Online proctoring just got better! Proctortrack now on Google Chromebooks.

Proctortrack, the world’s most advanced remote proctoring company, now supports automated proctoring on Chromebook. (Chrome version 80 and above) It is true that with the right kind of infrastructure and tools, learning can be made more effective and engaging. The chaos caused due to the prevalent pandemic has forced the educational sector to pave the […]

4 Popular Myths About Remotely Proctored Exams Debunked

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Remote proctoring has received a lot of flak over the years. Critics have gone so far as to call it “creepy”, “intrusive” and “excessive”. This begs the question, “How do you assess nearly 6.6M students who are enrolled in some kind of online course?”. According to most educators, the ideal solution to such a large-scale […]