Online proctoring solutions: A savior for universities, colleges and schools

Blended & Hybrid Learning

Shockingly the entire education sector went through a paradigm shift, considering the never-before-seen COVID pandemic. Institutes & students had to quickly adapt & evolve to justify & maintain the sanctity of learning and assessments during the situation. Surprisingly, the pandemic also opened entirely new avenues of learning & assessments for a more sustainable academic infrastructure. […]

Cheating on online exams is a quick fix for students: How are you preventing it?

How to detect cheating on online exams

Remote proctoring is becoming a necessity now more than ever. Last year when the pandemic peaked, the need for online learning tools also observed a rapid growth. The change was indeed monumental in bringing the long overdue digitalization in education. This paradigm shift encouraged teachers to adopt comprehensive technologies. It also made them realize that […]

The fast-expanding world of online exams: How do proctored exams work?

Tips, Dos and Don'ts for Taking Online Remote Proctored Exam?

What is an Exam? A test or examination is an evaluation to examine a person’s knowledge, competence, or aptitude in one single subject or a number of subjects, and delivers on paper or on a computer in the modern-day. This can be in person or online. What is a Proctor? A proctor is someone who […]