Learn how to preserve academic integrity in a digital era

prevent cheating in online exams

Observing the spike in the number of Coronavirus cases and the pandemic’s severity, colleges and universities will continue with remote learning. One of the most strenuous tasks for institutions has been maintaining academic integrity after a year of distance learning. Today, in an era of one-click cheating, there’s an urgent need to raise the importance […]

Preventing creative ways students cheat in an online exam

cheating in an online exam. How do students cheat during online exams?

Asking for help or cheating during an in-person is a thing of the past. In recent times, students have become smart and use innovative tactics to break the rules during an online exam. Due to the current pandemic, educational institutions replaced pen and paper examinations with online proctored exams. Of course, despite having an array […]

Online Web Proctored Exams: A Rational Choice During Unprecedented Times

online Web Proctored Exams.Remotely Conduct Cheat Proof High Stake Exams Using Proctortrack AI Based Proctoring Software. Ensure the Integrity & Security of Online Exams in a Cost-Effective & Scalable Manner

While the world is turning upside down due to the ongoing global pandemic, the education system is teeming with technological breakthroughs to keep up with the changing dynamics of e-learning, and one such change is the online web proctored exam.  With unavoidable changes in a number of sectors in an economy, the educational sector got […]