Breaking Barriers: The Impact of Virtual Reality on Online Learning

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Online learning has rapidly become a popular and effective alternative to traditional classroom-based education, offering students flexibility and accessibility. However, it can often need more interactivity and engagement in face-to-face learning experiences. Virtual reality (VR) technology has emerged as a solution to this problem, offering an immersive and interactive experience that enhances the eLearning platform […]

How Well Parents are Learning the Dynamics of Online Learning

Challenges Faced By Parents in Online Learning Ecosystem

The popularity of online learning dramatically increased during the era of the pandemic. Initially, most people found the transition positive, but a few challenges surfaced. Especially the way parents were struggling to cope with the change. Various issues emerged as soon as students, specifically when the younger ones joined online learning platforms globally. Though the […]

Blended Learning: A Changed Face of K12 Classrooms

What is Remote Learning and How Effective Is It?

Learning and formal learning have been a huge part of human civilization. With the changing times, the face & format has seen a massive evolution in the entire learning structure across the globe. The biggest shift in learning came when technology made its way into the structure.  Technology & specifically the internet, has been a […]

Why online proctoring is a necessity for students and educational institutions

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The current pandemic situation has forced colleges and schools to advance their ongoing curriculum. Technology played a pivotal role in leveraging the online mode of learning when the lockdown restrictions took place. As a result, many educational institutions transitioned to online test-taking as physical examinations were stalled, resulting in higher demand for online proctoring tools.  […]

Tips to prepare college students for the workplace

The Future of Work: How Do We Prepare Our Students?

The future of work in this ever-changing economy demands agile, skilled and proactive employees. To become industry-ready, every worker follows the age-old practice of gaining good grades in college and earning a degree. While degrees and certifications hold a certain value in a student’s career, they don’t confirm their employability skills when they step into […]

Online Exam Software — Meeting The Changing Needs Of Learning

Offline To Online Exams: Big Changes Ahead In The Education Sector. Online Exam Software

Amid the second wave of Covid-19 fears, universities & educational institutions are revising their curriculum to meet students’ changing needs. Currently, New York City’s average number of coronavirus cases and its infection rate hit the highest levels since May 2020. To curtail the spread of this virus, many US states are now planning to impose lockdowns that involve various […]

Things You Need to Know About Remote Proctoring!

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In present times, at-home schooling is a new routine for educators and students. With chock-full of technological tools, institutes now have an option to take learning entirely online. As a result, the education sector is availing essential benefits of e-learning, including cost-effectiveness, time-saving, consistency, flexibility, etc. Surge in online education According to the Zion Market Research, the […]

4 Essential Tips for Online Test Takers during Proctored Exams

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Online testing platforms are the new norm How do you ensure normalcy in education when the entire world is witnessing county-wide lockdowns? This question is more important now than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how urgent it is to address the need for online education. Empty classrooms are a stark reminder that traditional […]

Coronavirus: E-learning and Online Proctoring to Foster Study-From-Home

e-learning rises amid coronavirus outbreak. Proctortrack helps in to conduct online exam

Coronavirus puts e-learning to the test The coronavirus outbreak has sent shock waves through the globe as the spread reached pandemic proportions. In the past two months, the outbreak has brought the world’s second-largest economy to a near standstill. Owning to strict quarantine measures and disrupted transport links, millions of students remain holed up in […]