How Well Parents are Learning the Dynamics of Online Learning

Challenges Faced By Parents in Online Learning Ecosystem

The popularity of online learning dramatically increased during the era of the pandemic. Initially, most people found the transition positive, but a few challenges surfaced. Especially the way parents were struggling to cope with the change. Various issues emerged as soon as students, specifically when the younger ones joined online learning platforms globally. Though the […]

Tips to prepare college students for the workplace

The Future of Work: How Do We Prepare Our Students?

The future of work in this ever-changing economy demands agile, skilled and proactive employees. To become industry-ready, every worker follows the age-old practice of gaining good grades in college and earning a degree. While degrees and certifications hold a certain value in a student’s career, they don’t confirm their employability skills when they step into […]

The growing trend of AI in education

future of ai in education

Starting last year, K12 educators across the globe were met with the daunting task of moving in-person classrooms into a virtual space. Not only this, but they also had to replicate the same instructional culture without making it seem mechanical. While some resorted to using online tools like google meets, zoom or slack for conducting […]