Online Proctoring And Protecting Student Privacy: The Best Of Both Worlds

Maintaining Test-Taker’s privacy is at the core of our product, not an afterthought. how proctortrack's online proctoring service is protecting student privacy.

With schools and colleges switching to digital monitoring, students feel that it is invading their privacy to some extent. In the current scenario, institutions have no other option but to impose online proctored exams as a part of their curriculum. As a result, some students resist the new norm of web proctoring, citing that sitting […]

Canvas: A Webinar On How To Conduct Secure Online Exams With Proctortrack.

Free Canvas: A Webinar On How To Conduct Secure Online Exams With Proctortrack.

As the concept of online proctoring is surging due to the ongoing pandemic, educational sectors are finding ways to adopt tech-enabled proctoring solutions to practice online proctored exams. To further leverage the scope of digital learning and the core benefits of online proctoring, Proctortrack brings to you a webinar featuring Canvas on Friday, May 22, […]

Want to Upgrade Your Online Testing Tool? Proctortrack is Your Pick!

online testing solution,free online test maker Here are some tips to upgrade your online assessment system with proctortrack

After a wave of digitization in the e-learning industry, the online examination market has suitably passed the phase of innovation. A steep rise in the number of competitive exams and online certifications has driven the industry for years. So much so that the online testing industry is estimated to reach USD 10.3 billion by 2026. […]