How AI Is Dropping The ‘Old-School’ Methods Of Learning

AI and the Classroom: Machine Learning in Education. Proctortrack is the AI based proctoring tool

What if, in this day and age, we prefer conventional ways of learning? What if we still practice the same concept of textbook learning with no smart classes? The answer to these questions is, we would lose interest in the entire education system. But, fortunately, the education sector is evolving by the day. Unlike previous […]

K-12 Schools Turn to Technology Amidst Coronavirus Scare

Online live proctoring K-12 schools. Use proctortrack coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus (Covid-19) sounds the alarm for K-12 schools. Following the rapid spread of coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised nationwide school closures to impede the pandemic. Despite being a significant disruption for K-12 schooling, countries are considering a month-long lockdown to curb the spread. According to Education Week, at least 64,000 U.S […]