Proctortrack Introduces SPADE, World’s First and Only ‘Student Privacy and Data Expunge Dashboard’, Delivering on Data Security Transparency for Remote Proctoring

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New York, NY (August 12, 2021)- Proctortrack, a leading online remote proctoring company, has introduced SPADE, the world’s first and only Student Privacy And Data Expunge Dashboard. 

The SPADE website application is designed to promote transparency for test-takers during identity verification, remote proctoring and data lifecycle status post examination. Students can view when their ID verification was conducted, approved, processed for test integrity and most importantly, when their data is expunged from servers. Students can also make requests to their institution’s administrators to delete data at a click of a button. 

Since 2020, Proctortrack has observed a surge in demand for its online proctoring solutions from education organizations and corporate certification programs across the globe. As schools and universities shifted to remote learning, building student privacy, data awareness and data security is integral for each institution. 

“These are unprecedented times when millions of students are required to take online exams. Undeniably, students should not feel their data is at risk due to lack of data lifecycle awareness and lack of transparency. SPADE, our ‘Student Privacy and Data Expunge’ Dashboard, is our approach for test-takers to understand how Proctortrack ensures protection and privacy of their data when collected for test integrity purposes,” says Rahul Siddharth, COO/Co-founder, Proctortrack. 

The SPADE (Student Privacy And Data Expunge) Dashboard is a data privacy and transparency tool that is designed to provide: 

  1. The data information and disclosures for test-takers 
  2. Information on all the test-sessions attempted using Proctortrack, volume of data collected and the data deletion date.
  3. GDPR and FAQs concerning privacy 

“Students should be thoroughly aware of the policies that protect their data, and contact their administrators in case of concerns. After all, in a world where people fall victim to data threats daily, we encourage test-takers and administrators to become cyber secure smart,” says Rahul Siddharth. 

About Proctortrack:

Proctortrack offers the world’s most comprehensive live proctoring and automated proctoring solutions to deliver quality and price leadership at scale. Proctortrack provides five unique levels of proctoring:

  1. ProctorLock: Web Browser Lock
  2. ProctorAuto: 100% Automated Remote Proctoring
  3. Proctortrack QA: 99% Accuracy with our QA hybrid model
  4. ProctorLive AI: Live Proctoring with AI
  5. ProctorDIY: Do-It-Yourself instructor-driven proctoring 

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