Proctorlive AI: Affordable Live Proctoring delivering true and trusted exam integrity.

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Proctortrack by Verificient has released Proctorlive AI, the world’s most advanced continuous identity verification software that couples live remote proctoring with AI-enhanced automation. Through the use of a computer web camera, Proctorlive AI automatically conducts Facial ID Confirmation, ID Verification, Browser Security, record and live monitor the test-taker during the exam. 

Proctortrack also offers the highest level of test integrity with the use of two camera approach monitoring.

An optional second camera can be implemented using the Proctortrack mobile app, downloaded to the phone, monitoring the user and their test environment, ensuring high confidence in test integrity through live proctoring.

Proctortrack online live proctoring

ProctorLive AI flags over 24 unique violations

Proctorlive AI flags over 24 unique high test risks including real-time detection in test behavior variances, using machine learning, computer visioning, facial recognition, and biometrics. 

Proctorlive AI approach to live proctoring is the least disruptive and least invasive test experience for students. No live proctors are in the process unless triggered by a test breach configured by the instructor.

Secure and Robust Live Proctoring

Upon suspicious activities, a Live Proctor intervenes and can provide live remediation, live tech support or immediately suspend the test session if breaches to test policies are confirmed. Proctor to student ratios are flexibly assigned and can scale from 1:1 (for high stake exams) to 1:16. Instructors can also conduct their own live proctoring sessions and assign themselves as monitors.

Additionally, the encrypted recorded exam is uploaded to secure servers for further processing, identifying any test anomalies, and delivering 99% accurate proctoring reports. Verificient has successfully confirmed over 2.5 million identity verifications and test sessions to date.

Proctorlive AI delivers trusted exam integrity at the Desktop level, User Level, Test Environment Level, and the only technology on the market that monitors at the Core System level, detecting and blocking the use of over 300 different virtual machines and stealth recording apps. Proctorlive AI is the 4th and highest level of proctoring offered by Proctortrack.