Coronavirus: E-learning and Online Proctoring to Foster Study-From-Home

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Coronavirus puts e-learning to the test

The coronavirus outbreak has sent shock waves through the globe as the spread reached pandemic proportions. In the past two months, the outbreak has brought the world’s second-largest economy to a near standstill. Owning to strict quarantine measures and disrupted transport links, millions of students remain holed up in their homes, unable to attend school, college or university. However, educational institutes are turning to e-learning as a solution to safely administer lectures and exams. Let’s see how.

China Focus: E-learning rises amid coronavirus outbreak. Proctortrack helps to conduct an online exam for an institute

While schools and colleges remain under indefinite lockdown, teaching, however, cannot be suspended. As a result, institutions are moving their semesters online. Here, the shift from classroom to online teaching is made possible through e-learning platforms. Online learning platforms are replicating face-to-face classroom environments by allowing teachers to virtually assigning tasks, share course material and collect homework.

Combating school and college closures with e-learning platforms

Synchronous e-learning tools are being adopted by many primary, secondary, and higher education institutions as they deliver learning in real-time. Here, the teachers and students interact online from remote locations, in this case, their homes. Lectures are usually imparted via mobile, video conference or chat. For instance, popular e-learning apps like Seesaw and Google classrooms allow their students to create, share and review study material in a paperless way. 

Many institutes are also using blended learning platforms that use AI to identify topics that students struggle in. They allow teachers to track a student’s progress, offer them relevant lessons and intervene when needed.

How do you conduct online exams remotely?

live proctoring with proctortrack. e-learning in education, online learning

The introduction of online education has been welcomed by many but an important question still remains unanswered. How can schools and colleges conduct online exams for remotely located students? Surprisingly, the answer has been in plain view for quite some time- online proctoring. With the help of online proctoring services, teachers can deliver assessments without the risk of cheating, impersonation and most importantly, catching the coronavirus. 

Schools and colleges without any pre-defined online proctoring protocols have options to quickly integrate their learning management systems with a remote proctoring solution. Many institutions from China, Singapore, and Hong Kong reached out to Proctortrack, a U.S.- based company that offers best-in-class live online proctoring solutions powered by AI. The company’s customer success teams worked virtually to authenticate student identity and successfully deliver cheat-free exams.


The coronavirus outbreak has transformed the world into a large online learning experiment, testing the limits of education technology. However, online education is incomplete without online proctoring. To learn more about how Proctortrack preserves the integrity of online exams