Proctortrack and International Business Education (BEINT) announce partnership to deliver exam integrity in the European Balkan region

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New York, June 14, 2021 – Proctortrack, a leading online proctoring solution, and BEINT, an association that delivers online university pathway programmes with full Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards to learners from all corners of the world, have partnered together to help bring integrity to online exams in the Balkan region. BEINT’s territory includes Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia, and its learners can fast track their way through to a UK University Qualification on campus or by distance learning. 

“Our organization represents over 3,000 registered individuals, and BEINT’s role is to educate, represent and support our students, who work with local and international organizations,” says Bujar Krasniqi, BEINT CEO. “Our partnership with Proctortrack will secure our course content, prevent cheating or testing malpractices, verify true identities and preserve the academic integrity of our brand.” 

“The Covid pandemic is certainly a paradigm shift, with an accelerated transition to virtual learning and online assessments. We want to ensure that institutions have the right tools to conduct safe and secure online exams. Our goal is to offer flexible remote proctoring solutions to BEINT students and to any education institution in the region. We’re excited about this partnership and look forward to being part of BEINT’s business and brand strategy for years to come,” says Mr. Rahul Siddharth, COO/Co-founder, Proctortrack.

About Proctortrack

Proctortrack by Verificient offers the world’s most advanced live proctoring and automated proctoring solutions to deliver quality and price leadership at scale. Proctortrack provides five unique levels of proctoring:

  1. ProctorLock: Web Browser Lock
  2. ProctorAuto: 100% Automated Remote Proctoring
  3. Proctortrack QA: 99% Accuracy with our QA hybrid model
  4. ProctorLive AI: Live Proctoring with AI
  5. ProctorDIY: Do-It-Yourself instructor-driven proctoring 

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