Webinar: Proctoring D2L Brightspace Exams during a Covid-19 Semester

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May 29, 2020, at 9 am EST and June 1, 2020, at 12 pm EST, the Proctortrack webinar featuring D2L Brightspace aims at bringing together key players and decision-makers in the educational domain to better leverage the power of edTech in times of such crisis. The webinar will cover a broad spectrum of topics that touch on all aspects of exam design, delivery, and supervision. The main focus of the webinar is to show how schools, colleges, or universities can make easy work of their online exams with an AI-based remote proctoring solution, in this case Proctortrack.

Join Rahul Siddharth, Co-founder, and COO of Proctortrack, for a live webinar on how Proctortrack uses automation and live online remote proctoring to:

  • Deliver high-value identity verification
  • Secure the privacy of students during online exams
  • Detect and record test violations in real-time
  • Preserve the integrity of online credentials through automation and AI
The overview and video demonstration show how Proctortrack seamlessly integrates with Brightspace to create a secure testing environment. The demo will also be followed by a comprehensive Q&A session for attendees willing to learn more.
While COVID-19 still remains the focus of worry for the education sector, educational institutions are adopting alternatives to proceed with online proctored examinations, making a tremendous shift to e-learning and online education. With the help of a secured live proctoring tool, universities and schools can save time and money through automated software. Hence, remote proctoring is setting new grounds for a secure, efficient, and nuanced learning environment across the world.


WEBINAR: Proctoring Brightspace Exams

Understanding and trusting proctoring during a Covid-19 semester.

Friday May 29 @ 9am EST

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Monday June 1 @ 12pm EST

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