Proctortrack gets a head start at WES Delhi

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Proctortrack made a lasting impression at the 14th World Education Summit (WES) on August 9-10th, 2019, in Delhi, India.

Exhibiting at the event was Proctortrack by Verificient, the world’s most advanced remote proctoring and identity verification solution. Proctortrack was at this engaging two-day summit presenting its multi-level monitoring software used by many teachers and instructors to protect the integrity of their assessments.

Anchor for the Debate from Nottingham


The summit was a melting pot for ideas by experts, innovators, and enterprises who want to use technology to revolutionize the education landscape. The event highlighted peer-driven discussions, keynotes, breakouts, and debates on assessment practices, higher education, institution insights, and networking.


verificient team


Proctortrack presented a strong case of how automated proctoring was far more superior than personal invigilation. The proposal of a free PILOT also struck a chord with many attendees. Director, Rishabh Lalwani said,” It was overwhelming to receive a great response from our peers and potential customers, we were marked as “Interested to know more” by several guests at the conference. Also, connecting with various segments, chancellors and decision-makers of more than 40 universities in India (and Abroad) helped us gauge the general perception of the market.”


Higher Edu. Minister from Nagaland


Today’s educational landscape shows a high potential for improvement and Proctortrack aims to consistently realize competency and value by validating educational credentials. Proctortrack has delivered over 2.5 million test sessions to date and it is already changing the norms of how exams are conducted.