PADLA 2019- Proctortrack Official Sponsor

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Proctortrack is pleased to officially sponsor and participate in the 17th PADLA Annual Conference & Expo which is to be held on December 17, 2019, at La Salle University’s Philadelphia campus. The Pennsylvania/Delaware/New Jersey Distance Learning Association (PADLA), is committed to serving as a platform for Corporate, Non-Profit, K-12 & Higher Ed professionals to address some pressing concerns and technological breakthroughs in the field of Distance Learning, e-Learning, m-Learning, and Learning Technologies/Methodologies to improve human performance in classrooms & workplace. 

This is the region’s largest Learning Technology/Methodology professional development community event which will focus on perspectives featuring:

  • Keynote: Teaching Truth in the Era of Fake News” by Kimberly Rotter  
  • 20 concurrent sessions on a wide variety of topics  
  • Solutions Providers’ Expo       
  • Ample opportunities to expand your personal professional Learning Technology/Methodology network 

Proctortrack by Verificient offers the world’s most advanced proctoring solution combining AI-based and blended live proctoring to deliver quality and price leadership at scale.

Proctortrack provides a one-stop solution for multiple proctoring environments (automated, manual, blended) and delivers trusted exam integrity at the Desktop level, User Level, Test Environment Level, and the only technology on the market that monitors at the Core System level, detecting and blocking the use of over 300 different virtual machines and stealth recording apps. 

Proctortrack also offers the highest level of test integrity with the use of two camera approach monitoring. An optional second camera can be implemented using the Proctortrack mobile app, downloaded to the phone. This way you can monitor the user and their test environment, achieve complete mobile lockdown, all while ensuring the highest level of confidence in academic integrity.