CEdMA Conference 2021: Proctortrack presents on Scaling Certification Programs with Online Proctoring

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The CEdMA Conference 2021 is back again! Tune into this premier virtual event from November 2-3, 2021, where education professionals from technology companies will be sharing their knowledge on the customer education space.

Join Proctortrack’s presentation on:

Scaling certification programs with online proctoring

Tuesday, November 2, 2021, at 2:00pm CT

Abstract: Online proctoring advances using AI have made it possible to offer traditional certifications at scale. However, the opportunity to scale comes with the risk of diluting the value and trust of certification programs. How can we use AI to achieve scale while adopting project-based evaluations and other testing methodologies to preserve the trust and value of the offered certificates? With so many types of proctoring options to choose from, how to find the right balance between customer experience, certification integrity, and the cost? Join this presentation and learn some interesting real-world case studies to be prepared to scale your certification program with confidence.


Rajnish Kumar, CEO, Verificient Technologies Inc — rajnish@verificient.com

Rahul Siddharth, COO, Verificient Technologies Inc — rahul@verificient.com

About CEdMA Conference 2021

This conference connects attendees to share unique training industry knowledge, experiences, and best practices and thereby help each other accelerate their business objectives and careers in education.

The majority of conference sessions are member-led, interactive, and are designed to engage the participants in a dialog around our unique challenges and opportunities.

About Proctortrack:

Proctortrack offers the world’s most comprehensive live proctoring and automated proctoring solutions to deliver quality and price leadership at scale. Proctortrack provides five unique levels of proctoring:

  1. ProctorLock: Web Browser Lock
  2. ProctorAuto: 100% Automated Remote Proctoring
  3. Proctortrack QA: 99% Accuracy with our QA hybrid model
  4. ProctorLive AI: Live Proctoring with AI
  5. ProctorDIY: Do-It-Yourself instructor-driven proctoring 

To learn more, visit www.proctortrack.com

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