Proctortrack Introduces SPADE, World’s First and Only ‘Student Privacy and Data Expunge Dashboard’, Delivering on Data Security Transparency for Remote Proctoring

Proctortrack Introduces SPADE, World’s First and Only ‘Student Privacy and Data Expunge Dashboard

New York, NY (August 12, 2021)- Proctortrack, a leading online remote proctoring company, has introduced SPADE, the world’s first and only Student Privacy And Data Expunge Dashboard. The SPADE website application is designed to promote transparency for test-takers during identity verification, remote proctoring and data lifecycle status post examination. Students can view when their ID verification […]

Proctortrack and Edsby announce partnership to deliver online test integrity for K-12 in Canada

Proctortrack, a trusted identity verification and online remote proctoring company, announced a partnership with Edsby

New York (25 April 2021) – Proctortrack, a trusted identity verification and online remote proctoring company, announced a partnership with Edsby, a next-generation LMS for K-12, to deliver online exam integrity across Canada. Proctortrack provides automated remote proctoring for distance learners taking tests online as a fully integrated multi-factor biometrics behavioral application. Proctortrack replicates traditional […]

Learn how to preserve academic integrity in a digital era

prevent cheating in online exams

Observing the spike in the number of Coronavirus cases and the pandemic’s severity, colleges and universities will continue with remote learning. One of the most strenuous tasks for institutions has been maintaining academic integrity after a year of distance learning. Today, in an era of one-click cheating, there’s an urgent need to raise the importance […]

All You Need To Know About GDPR

GDPR proctortrack Our Commitment to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Today, data has become the most valuable asset for businesses. The more information you have about your customers, the better you can meet their demands. Data accumulation and data analysis are especially relevant today because they let you have a peek inside the mind and buying habits of a customer. This warrants for strict data […]

Coronavirus: E-learning and Online Proctoring to Foster Study-From-Home

e-learning rises amid coronavirus outbreak. Proctortrack helps in to conduct online exam

Coronavirus puts e-learning to the test The coronavirus outbreak has sent shock waves through the globe as the spread reached pandemic proportions. In the past two months, the outbreak has brought the world’s second-largest economy to a near standstill. Owning to strict quarantine measures and disrupted transport links, millions of students remain holed up in […]

Proctorlive AI: Affordable Live Proctoring delivering true and trusted exam integrity.

ProctorLive AI,Live proctoring, Cheating Devices, online tests, online examination, taking an Exam, online cheating, Proctortrack

Proctortrack by Verificient has released Proctorlive AI, the world’s most advanced continuous identity verification software that couples live remote proctoring with AI-enhanced automation. Through the use of a computer web camera, Proctorlive AI automatically conducts Facial ID Confirmation, ID Verification, Browser Security, record and live monitor the test-taker during the exam.  Proctortrack also offers the […]

Lunch-n-Learn at Pepperdine U and Proctortrack 

Pepperdine university campus near Malibu, California, proctortrack

Proctortrack by Verificient, an identity verification, and remote proctoring solution conducted a workshop on October 14-15, 2019 at the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and at Pepperdine’s Malibu Campus. Lunch-n-Learn Workshop Series: Academic Integrity. Proctortrack discussed creating a culture of academic integrity through AI-driven remote proctoring. Rahul Siddharth, COO of Proctortrack addressed the issues arising in […]

Proctortrack Website gets a Makeover


Proctortrack, the world’s most advanced proctoring solution delivering Trusted Exam Integrity, announced the newly redesigned website at The website makeover includes a clean design and a fresh layout.  Proctortrack has also repositioned the products, offering continuous identity verification along with four unique levels of secured remote proctoring. The four levels are affordable and accessible, […]

Newbury College closes! A case for online proctoring

Newbury College closes! A case for online proctoring

The news of 57-year-old Newbury College in Massachusetts ceasing operations took everyone by surprise. This unfortunate closure comes as a shocking reminder of how today’s traditional higher education experience is under threat from competition, globalization and ed-tech innovation. Could anything have been done to avoid this closure? The school’s president, Joseph Chillo said, “Yes, we should’ve been doing […]