Online proctoring makes exam-from-home much easier. Learn how!

Online proctoring tool

Online teaching, learning, and test-taking have always been a part of online education, but the last year made its need even more apparent. That said, universities worldwide changed the methods of conducting examinations and taking assessments. Without a doubt, transitioning to remotely proctored exams was not easy right off the bat. Yet, appropriate tools and […]

How Teaching Has Become Creative With Blended Learning

Blended learning software

Today, more and more people in the education sector will agree that teaching and learning models have altered since the pandemic emerged. Besides that, we have now realized that learning comes in different verticals and is much more than a mere classroom concept. Blended learning is one such phenomenon that has gained new heights, perhaps […]

The growing trend of AI in education

future of ai in education

Starting last year, K12 educators across the globe were met with the daunting task of moving in-person classrooms into a virtual space. Not only this, but they also had to replicate the same instructional culture without making it seem mechanical. While some resorted to using online tools like google meets, zoom or slack for conducting […]

A guide to successful online exam monitoring with Proctortrack

how to implement personalized learning- EdTech solution

2020 changed the entire landscape of education, surpassing the traditional learning setups. Just like many industries, the education sector also got affected drastically in the pandemic’s wake. Despite the unanticipated challenges, colleges, universities, sailed through by relying on digital tools and technologies. In fact, online education and E-learning opportunities have become the driving force in […]

EdTech trends that will fuel E-Learning space in 2021

Remote test-taking. The rise of online learning during th.e COVID-19 pandemic. Proctortrack changing remote test-taking experience.

Classroom teaching? That was so 2019! Due to Covid-19, the education sector dramatically shifted to online learning and stepped into new arenas in the online education space. Naturally, an overnight transition from classroom teaching to virtual classes was not easy for students and teachers. Yet, they pulled it off with modern EdTech solutions. From virtual […]

Preventing creative ways students cheat in an online exam

cheating in an online exam. How do students cheat during online exams?

Asking for help or cheating during an in-person is a thing of the past. In recent times, students have become smart and use innovative tactics to break the rules during an online exam. Due to the current pandemic, educational institutions replaced pen and paper examinations with online proctored exams. Of course, despite having an array […]

Online Exam Software — Meeting The Changing Needs Of Learning

Offline To Online Exams: Big Changes Ahead In The Education Sector. Online Exam Software

Amid the second wave of Covid-19 fears, universities & educational institutions are revising their curriculum to meet students’ changing needs. Currently, New York City’s average number of coronavirus cases and its infection rate hit the highest levels since May 2020. To curtail the spread of this virus, many US states are now planning to impose lockdowns that involve various […]

How Proctortrack Meets Data Security And Privacy Standards

Online Cybersecurity Assessment Test

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is challenging to assemble hundreds of students in a room with a team of onsite proctors. As a result, educational institutions had to replace pen and paper exams with online proctored examinations to ensure continuity during these uncertain times. However, with thousands of universities switching to online education, data […]

Adaptive Learning Is The Future Of Online Education. Learn How!

adaptive learning technology

It’s no surprise that personalized learning is a boon for a child’s development. Be it education or any other field; if a person gets individual training, it becomes easier to assess a learner’s learning gaps. Undoubtedly, adaptive learning is one such paradigm which fulfills the criteria as mentioned above. In fact, adaptive learning has been […]

EdTech Is The Wave Of The Future

10 EdTech Companies Enhancing Education and Learning through AI

“Tech gives the quietest student a voice.” – Jerry Blumengarten Now more than ever, EdTech has seen a steep and consistent rise in the digital learning domain. As rightly quoted by Jerry Blumengarten, tech is helping students thrive in the best possible ways.   This year has observed a marked transition in the field of education […]