Blended Learning: A Changed Face of K12 Classrooms

What is Remote Learning and How Effective Is It?

Learning and formal learning have been a huge part of human civilization. With the changing times, the face & format has seen a massive evolution in the entire learning structure across the globe. The biggest shift in learning came when technology made its way into the structure.  Technology & specifically the internet, has been a […]

Online proctoring solutions: A savior for universities, colleges and schools

Blended & Hybrid Learning

Shockingly the entire education sector went through a paradigm shift, considering the never-before-seen COVID pandemic. Institutes & students had to quickly adapt & evolve to justify & maintain the sanctity of learning and assessments during the situation. Surprisingly, the pandemic also opened entirely new avenues of learning & assessments for a more sustainable academic infrastructure. […]

Cheating on online exams is a quick fix for students: How are you preventing it?

How to detect cheating on online exams

Remote proctoring is becoming a necessity now more than ever. Last year when the pandemic peaked, the need for online learning tools also observed a rapid growth. The change was indeed monumental in bringing the long overdue digitalization in education. This paradigm shift encouraged teachers to adopt comprehensive technologies. It also made them realize that […]

Tech matters: Maintain the integrity of online exams by implementing proctoring software 

Proctortrack Remote Proctoring Service - Smart AI & Anti-Cheat Features

Protecting academic integrity during COVID times Observing the current rise in Covid infections, everyone relocates their academics, talent tests, and certificates online due to the increasing health issue. Because we don’t know how long our online studies, training, and tests will continue, business organizations, schools, colleges, and universities are using online proctoring software to make […]

The fast-expanding world of online exams: How do proctored exams work?

Tips, Dos and Don'ts for Taking Online Remote Proctored Exam?

What is an Exam? A test or examination is an evaluation to examine a person’s knowledge, competence, or aptitude in one single subject or a number of subjects, and delivers on paper or on a computer in the modern-day. This can be in person or online. What is a Proctor? A proctor is someone who […]

Online proctoring technology: Key to secure online exams

online proctoring services and how to select the best for hiring

Today, the whole globe will agree that the pandemic has altered the way every function is carried out. Every major industry, from transportation to finance to healthcare, has seen extraordinary transformations. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing standards that have now become the new normal. The educational sector has also seen a tidal […]

The growing demand for remote proctoring tools for secure online exams 

Conduct Online Exams– Entrance, Semester, Term-end, Certification with AI based remote proctoring tools.

The need for educational technology is rising Nowadays the emerging trend is digitization. Most physical activities are now distant, with businesses all over the world relying on digital technology to get through their daily operations. The education industry is no exception, and it has smoothly adjusted to the distant setting. As education undergoes a tremendous […]

How the Delta variant surge prompts colleges to move exams online

Delta variant college reopening

Exams are instrumental for validating a learner’s knowledge level from the beginning of the educational system. The importance of studying for examinations is critical in today’s competitive world, which is dominated by digital education. As a result, the possibilities of interacting with the internet have increased dramatically in all areas, leading to the scenario of […]

Academic misconduct soar during the pandemic – How are you preventing it?

Academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise.

Any cheating that occurs in the context of a formal academic endeavor is academic misconduct. The university takes all reports of academic misconduct seriously, and it works hard to ensure that they are dealt with quickly and effectively. You’ve probably seen many of these recently. Contract cheating cases and the latest college fraud involving celebrities […]