NC3ADL 2021 Conference: Proctortrack presents on student privacy and data security

NC3ADL 2021 Conference: Proctortrack presents on student privacy and data security

Distance learning is groovy – it’s time for the NC3ADL fall 2021 Conference! This year’s event takes place virtually from October 19-20 2021. Join Proctortrack’s session 4B on Wednesday October 20, 2021, at 1:00 pm (EDT) Test Integrity & Transparency How to manage student privacy and data security while remote proctoring Free Registration Here > […]

Online proctoring technology: Key to secure online exams

online proctoring services and how to select the best for hiring

Today, the whole globe will agree that the pandemic has altered the way every function is carried out. Every major industry, from transportation to finance to healthcare, has seen extraordinary transformations. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing standards that have now become the new normal. The educational sector has also seen a tidal […]

The growing demand for remote proctoring tools for secure online exams 

Conduct Online Exams– Entrance, Semester, Term-end, Certification with AI based remote proctoring tools.

The need for educational technology is rising Nowadays the emerging trend is digitization. Most physical activities are now distant, with businesses all over the world relying on digital technology to get through their daily operations. The education industry is no exception, and it has smoothly adjusted to the distant setting. As education undergoes a tremendous […]

How the Delta variant surge prompts colleges to move exams online

Delta variant college reopening

Exams are instrumental for validating a learner’s knowledge level from the beginning of the educational system. The importance of studying for examinations is critical in today’s competitive world, which is dominated by digital education. As a result, the possibilities of interacting with the internet have increased dramatically in all areas, leading to the scenario of […]

Academic misconduct soar during the pandemic – How are you preventing it?

Academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise.

Any cheating that occurs in the context of a formal academic endeavor is academic misconduct. The university takes all reports of academic misconduct seriously, and it works hard to ensure that they are dealt with quickly and effectively. You’ve probably seen many of these recently. Contract cheating cases and the latest college fraud involving celebrities […]

Top 14 trends in online examinations

online examination platforms

Last year, when everything came to a standstill, colleges and schools moved to virtual classrooms, replacing the old norms. While hurriedly prepared remote delivery varies from well-planned online programs, education experts believe the abrupt transition will help online learning develop even faster and reach its full potential. Colleges are now ready to provide more online […]

Why online proctoring platforms are the future of online education

Why remote proctoring platforms are the future of online education

Starting last year, online learning has been an utterly altered situation for schools and colleges. Despite the challenges, educators adapted to the new norm when they began looking at things differently. While replacing the traditional methods wasn’t easy, many swept through difficulties with the help of technology. Proctoring for online exams 2020 was all about […]

Proctortrack Introduces SPADE, World’s First and Only ‘Student Privacy and Data Expunge Dashboard’, Delivering on Data Security Transparency for Remote Proctoring

Proctortrack Introduces SPADE, World’s First and Only ‘Student Privacy and Data Expunge Dashboard

New York, NY (August 12, 2021)- Proctortrack, a leading online remote proctoring company, has introduced SPADE, the world’s first and only Student Privacy And Data Expunge Dashboard. The SPADE website application is designed to promote transparency for test-takers during identity verification, remote proctoring and data lifecycle status post examination. Students can view when their ID verification […]

Top five ways instructors can stop cheating before it happens

preventing teenagers from cheating

One of the primary concerns institutes face is the rising number of cheating incidents and academic misconduct during online examinations. Over time, schools and colleges have realized how consequential it is to invest in technology that will help them expand their traditional learning methods. Technology not only helped teachers to continue their classes remotely but […]

Why online proctoring is a necessity for students and educational institutions

Proctortrack is a Fully Automated Test Proctoring. No More Cheating on Online Tests. World's smartest, A.I. powered remote proctoring software

The current pandemic situation has forced colleges and schools to advance their ongoing curriculum. Technology played a pivotal role in leveraging the online mode of learning when the lockdown restrictions took place. As a result, many educational institutions transitioned to online test-taking as physical examinations were stalled, resulting in higher demand for online proctoring tools. […]