How to Knock Out Cheating in Online Exams? Use Online Proctoring

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Students have been cheating since the inception of the concept of exams. Some want to survive, and others want to move ahead. The fundamental sense of competitiveness drives the students to adopt easier ways for better results. It is the educators’ responsibility to maintain integrity and fairness. Online examinations have a lot of complexities attached. […]

Prevent Cheating in Online Exams to Enhance Credibility

How to minimize cheating during online exams?

Online exams come with plenty of advantages. It helps the institutes to shred some load over their physical resources. On the other hand, students can attempt their exams beyond the constraints of boundaries. However, one problem everyone is struggling with and concerned about is the risk of cheating during online exams and maintaining academic integrity […]

Smart Things to Consider While Choosing an Online Proctoring Solution

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Online proctoring has transitioned from a good-to-have to an essential part of the education spectrum. Online courses must synchronize with intelligent online proctoring solutions to maintain and enhance academic credibility. On the other hand, offline systems with BYOD ( bring your own device) approach for exams also should invest in intelligent proctoring software to defeat […]

CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER made Easy with Proctortrack

How Proctortrack Makes CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER Exams Easy

More than 7 million students prepare for CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exams each year. Everyone wants to collect as many possible credits to have a smooth and successful college transition. With more than 6000 reputed institutions in its bucket, the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exam has earned a massive reputation amongst the academic fraternity since its inception in 1900. […]

How to Make Proctored Exams Stress-Free For Students?

Best Online Proctoring Softwares 2022

A student goes through a plethora of emotions during his journey. They have uncertainty about the future, experience peer pressure, the anxiety of exams, and so on. Additionally, the pandemic has added numerous other hurdles to their academic expedition. However, with some innovative changes, things have started to come back on track. Institutions worldwide are […]

Proctortrack: The Only Proctoring Partner for College Board CLEP Exam

Can you cheat on the CLEP exam?

Remember when students used to drag themselves to testing centers for their CLEP exam? Not to mention the complicated registration process. The dot-com age is an entirely different ball game. Gary has been preparing hard for CLEP for the last six months. All he wants is to collect maximum college credit for biology & jump-start […]

Remote Proctoring: A Powerful Tool to Conduct Fair Assessment

world most advanced remote proctoring solution delivering trusted exam integrity offering affordable, accessible online proctoring for all high and low stakes exam

With the onset of the pandemic, everyone was concerned over the situation in the education domain. As the younger generation of our society was losing upon their critical time of learning. However, things moved faster than expected & various tech companies presented cohesive tools to carry on with learning. The next big worry was over […]

Learn how EdTech fuels hybrid learning to upskill K12 Students

blended learning—a combination of online activities and face-to-face teaching—helps teachers differentiate instruction

The education sector has seen a rise in the number of purposeful Edtech platforms considerably in recent years. Students, as well as the tutors, are reaping great benefits from the use of these technology backed platforms. On top of that owing to the pandemic the need for the same rose like never before. Especially the […]