Proctortrack does not access credit card information. Learn more about security.

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It has come to our attention that a group of university students may have been victim of credit card fraud in the week of August 13th. We, Proctortrack by Verificient, feel your frustration, however Proctortrack was not the source of this breach. A full audit of our databases and security technologies confirms this. We want […]

Apology To Impacted Test Takers On July 16th 2020

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I sincerely apologize for the stress and inconvenience that our failure caused to you and to your lives. We failed to mitigate the technical issue in time. Proctortrack live proctoring used for your Test sponsor needed room-scan step and two cameras. Every test taker room-scan was to be verified by a live proctor before the […]

WEBINAR: Secure Online Exam With Proctotrack

Join Rahul Siddharth, Co-founder and COO of Proctortrack, for a live webinar on how Proctortrack uses automation and live online remote proctoring

Speaker Rahul Siddharth COO, Verificient Technologies, Inc. Friday, 10th April, 2020 at 9AM EST Full Name * Institutions or Organization Email * Phone Number Register Student assessment poses a big challenge for institutes that want to conduct secure online exams during the COVID-19 lockdown. Join Rahul Siddharth, Co-founder and COO of Proctortrack, for a live […]

Coronavirus: E-learning and Online Proctoring to Foster Study-From-Home

e-learning rises amid coronavirus outbreak. Proctortrack helps in to conduct online exam

Coronavirus puts e-learning to the test The coronavirus outbreak has sent shock waves through the globe as the spread reached pandemic proportions. In the past two months, the outbreak has brought the world’s second-largest economy to a near standstill. Owning to strict quarantine measures and disrupted transport links, millions of students remain holed up in […]