Want to Upgrade Your Online Testing Tool? Proctortrack is Your Pick!

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After a wave of digitization in the e-learning industry, the online examination market has suitably passed the phase of innovation. A steep rise in the number of competitive exams and online certifications has driven the industry for years. So much so that the online testing industry is estimated to reach USD 10.3 billion by 2026. In this blog, we will explore some key trends that can shape the face of online exams through online testing tools

Online testing tool / Online examination Software

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It is a web-based platform that is developed to assist in conducting online exams test. It allows teachers to create, document, track and deploy online quizzes with ease. You can choose from different exam delivery modes like multiple choice questions, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, short answers, etc. 

Why use an online examination system?

It saves time and money–

Online testing tool skips the time-consuming process of paper distribution by automating it. You can also set up exams that auto-grade themselves when completed. As a result, you save on paper and invigilator costs.

Secure and efficient–

Cheating in an on-paper exam is easier because everyone in the classroom has the same question paper. Online testing platforms let you create a big question bank with many questions- which can then be randomized for every student. 

How can you make it better?

Improved candidate experience–

 Critics of online exams often state that online tests fail to measure student mastery in a topic. Multiple choice questions and quizzes might not be the right approach for all students. For instance, a corporate setting would require testing of a candidate’s aptitude and cognitive skills.

Online testing software can consider these attractive but accurate forms of online assessments instead:

  1. Job simulation tests
  2. Communications skills test
  3. Technical skills test
  4. Psychometric tests
  5. Cognitive judgemental tests 
  6. Situational judgemental tests

Adding another layer of security–

There is only so much security that an online testing platform can provide. What happens when students take an exam from remote locations? Is there a way to prevent cheating in online exams? The solution to this is online proctoring. Online proctoring software seamlessly integrates with your LMS or online testing solution to preserve the integrity of online credentials and test-taker identity. 

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Proctortrack’s ProctorLive AI is the world’s most advanced continuous identity verification software that couples Live Proctoring with AI-enhanced automation. Through the use of a computer web camera, ProctorLive AI automatically conducts Facial ID Confirmation, ID Verification, Browser Security, records and live monitors the test-taker during the exam