The growing trend of AI in education

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Starting last year, K12 educators across the globe were met with the daunting task of moving in-person classrooms into a virtual space. Not only this, but they also had to replicate the same instructional culture without making it seem mechanical. While some resorted to using online tools like google meets, zoom or slack for conducting online classes, there were no proven methods to conduct exams securely. This begs the question: Can AI be integrated with existing EduTech to make way for smarter online classes and exams?

AI has transformed the online education market!

Proctortrack is the most trusted and widely accepted online exam software with remote proctoring features

With AI and Machine learning technologies, students can finally decipher specific topics in their syllabus due to a customized learning experience. A report by Markets and Markets predicted a massive leap. It shows that the global AI in the education market is projected to reach USD 3.68 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 47% during the forecast period 2018- 2023. These astounding figures confirm that AI-enabled solutions will transform the online education market in the coming years.

Want to learn how artificial intelligence in education has become a game-changer for both students and teachers? Let’s find out.

Benefits of AI in Education for Students

Learning on the go

Online Learning platforms

Today’s generation spends most of their time on smartphones or tablets. Similarly, AI-based applications and tools help them study on their devices as they go about their daily lives. In other words, AI in education has made it flexible and convenient for students to learn at any time anywhere, giving easy access to online study material. 

Learning made fun and engaging.

Automated AI-enhanced software. academic dishonesty

Modern technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and gamification have made learning interactive. Also, AI and machine learning technology can customize each student’s interests and needs, making learning more personalized and engaging. 

Benefits of AI in Education for Teachers

1. Help find the gaps through emotion AI.

Yes, you heard it right! Virtual tutors can use emotion AI to detect, identify, and respond to students’ unique learning behaviors. Through emotion AI, educators can find the gaps and pay attention to each student’s learning abilities. Emotion AI also helps teachers identify stress signals in the student’s voice through voice recognition. 

2. Automatic curriculum

Thanks to AI-enabled solutions that have curtailed teacher’s workload. One of the most exciting benefits of AI technology is that it helps teachers shelve traditional methods by setting an automatic curriculum. It helps keep track of the student’s progress and suggests new tasks & assignments depending on how well the student is learning.

3. Opportunity for on-demand tutoring

adaptive learning in higher education, adaptive learning providers

On-demand tutoring platforms are all the rage. Like forums, many of these platforms allow students to communicate with experts and virtual tutors from different parts of the country. As a result, on-demand tutoring has paved the way for a personalized learning journey. It is also helping students gain knowledge from diverse expertise. 

4. Helps maintain academic integrity during online exams

AI-based solutions are quite functional when it comes to deterring cheating incidents during online exams and assessments

Proctortrack – Making headway with online exam monitoring.

Plagiarism-checking detection platform

Due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak, schools and colleges stalled in-person examinations to contain the spread. As a result, they had no choice but to conduct remote exams with proctoring technology. However, while making this sudden shift, educators were doubtful and worried whether they’ll be able to detect cheating incidents of all the test-takers remotely. But, Proctortrack, an industry-leading proctoring software, changed their perception. It has become the most trusted proctoring solution that helps monitor online exams while maintaining exam integrity. 

How ProctorLive AI maintains academic integrity

ProctorLive AI is the world’s most advanced identity verification software that combines live proctoring with AI-enhanced automation. With the help of a computer web camera, ProctorLive AI automatically conducts facial ID confirmation, ID verification, and browser security check of each test-taker. Its AI-enabled technology helps determine suspicious behaviors of each student, for example, taking external help, plagiarism through notes/books, etc., preventing cheating during an online test