The fast-expanding world of online exams: How do proctored exams work?

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What is an Exam?

A test or examination is an evaluation to examine a person’s knowledge, competence, or aptitude in one single subject or a number of subjects, and delivers on paper or on a computer in the modern-day. This can be in person or online.

What is a Proctor?

Online proctoring helps to avoid cheating and do student authentication in online exams

A proctor is someone who takes control of or acts on behalf of another. The term proctor denotes someone who supervises a remote proctored test. A proctor in today’s testing environment generally verifies a student’s identification by verifying a picture ID and then ensures academic integrity rules are followed during the exam.

What are Online Proctored Exams?

Proctored exams are timed tests that you take as an online proctored exam monitors your computer’s desktop, as well as camera footage and audio. The data collected by the exam proctoring software goes to an exam proctoring provider for analysis. Exams proctored by a third party may or may not be necessary for your course and enrollment track.

In essence, a remote proctored exam is the same as any other exam, but with the internet, infrastructure to manage all of the associated operations. Most significantly, invigilation requires to protect the exam room’s purity.

Who can make use of online proctoring?

Online proctoring can be used by: Institutions and Universities seeking to provide safe and secure online examinations. Educators must use assessment to evaluate pupils and their performance. The academic institution that provides certification programs for online courses and requires tests to guarantee that only qualified students receive certification. 

Organizations and enterprises that want to evaluate staff remotely.

What to anticipate from a web proctored test

Nonetheless, as an increasing number of examiners use remote proctored tests through the web, mobile devices, and other means, a plethora of digital technologies and networks have arisen to push for digitization. Exam proctoring, AI-proctoring software monitoring, and LMS advancements, to name a few, have made an explosive debut, dynamically moving the focus toward web proctored examinations.

While most varsity across the world appears to be talking about it or embracing it, there are still a few who are attempting to stay up by asking how to access this potential. They are, without a question, forward-thinking, but they want aid in bridging some gaps that will allow them to accomplish their objectives.

What is Proctortrack?

Delta variant college reopening

Proctortrack is an automated exam proctoring technology that does not require human interaction. Offering a worldwide, online, on-demand exam proctoring service that test-takers may utilize at any time allows schools, institutions, and businesses to give a truly efficient solution to the issue of massive exam proctoring.

Online Proctored Exam Software: How do they work?

Now that we know what they are, let’s look at how online proctored exams work.

The phrase “software” appears in the headline. Any online exam proctoring system relies on software that is trustworthy, robust, and dynamic.

Typically, a cloud-based system powers the whole infrastructure. Although some older companies continue to rely on antiquated legacy systems, it’s difficult to see how online proctoring would function without a cloud-based solution, given the global expansion of e-learning.

Proctortrack for identity verification

CLEP Exams & CLEP Exam Test Prep, ID CARD SCAN

It uses face recognition to verify the student and maintains continuous identification verification during the exam.

Verificient Technologies is a trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) provider that specializes in identity verification and authentication using proprietary technologies that use AI, machine learning, computer visioning, and biometrics. testsVerificient protects online users’ privacy and supports a wide range of sectors, notably higher education, HR & Recruitment, and Remote Employee Management that is remote proctoring.

Online proctoring, unlike offline proctoring, starts with authentication. During the exam, the online proctoring program verifies the examinee’s identity and removes any questionable activity.

The program guarantees that the candidate is sharing a screen with video and audio recording even before the test begins. It’s also unlikely that someone will impersonate you. Students must generally provide their picture IDs to the online exam proctoring system at the start of each remote proctored test. The test begins only once the proctors have verified their identities.

Candidate monitoring in real-time

The next stage is to keep an eye on applicants as they take the exam. Typically, an algorithm continuously examines candidates in order to identify any suspicious cases. For example, our own product Proctortrack is powered by an AI algorithm that can detect instances such as a candidate not showing on the screen or using a mobile phone, or even odd eye movement or the presence of another person in the room.

Data Storage and Review

Conduct Online Exams– Entrance, Semester, Term-end, Certification with AI based remote proctoring tools.

The audio and video recording data from the examinations remain on the cloud, despite the fact that the flag is raised in real-time. As a result, once the examinations are completed, you or your team can go through the instances again.

Proctortrack during the exam

Proctortrack gives students the option of accessing online pages or applications, if permitted for that test. Proctortrack keeps an eye on a range of events, behaviors, and patterns linked with cheating during the exam. Those are what we refer to as anomalies.

We allow students to take tests in a setting that is comfortable to them. We realize how stressful it may be to take a test. We want the student to feel at ease during the exam. As a consequence, we are able to provide transparent, quasi monitoring.

Now you must be thinking can your candidates cheat during an online exam?

Online Exam software with unique features to conduct objective , subjective assessments with AI driven Remote Proctoring.

While we address your question, we assure you that an online proctoring exam will not result in any of the above.

For example, our online exam proctoring software disables the online search feature. At the same time, the screen sharing feature allows your invigilator to keep a constant eye on the test. Even if you miss it, all recordings archives online for you to study.

Students are unlikely to be able to cheat using digital exam proctoring services since they cannot circumvent the security architecture.

Here are a few things you should tell your students before the exam:

  1. When an applicant is taking an exam, a webcam and microphone are required.
  2. Students should sit in front of a plain background.
  3. Make sure the room is well-lit.
  4. The space should be as silent as possible.
  5. Ensure that you are alone in the room throughout the examination.
  6. Before the exam, make sure you have a sufficient quantity of papers.

Tips to conduct a successful online proctored exam

How to Prevent Students from Cheating While Taking Exams?. How to minimize cheating during online exams

The easiest approach to ease into the online test system is to become comfortable with the surroundings. Before taking the actual exam, take a full-length practice examination. You’ll be in a better position to assess your own performance after taking a mock version since you’ll be more familiar with the computer, the location, and the process.

All at the same, it familiarises you with the test format and how to respond to each kind. Many experts recommend taking timed practice exams on a regular basis since they simulate the actual exam atmosphere, making the test-taker more comfortable and reducing anxiety.

  • Calm your anxieties and familiarise yourself with the exam instructions.
  • Get to know yourself and your surroundings. Understand the format of the test.
  • Select a secure environment.
  • Check your system’s functioning.
  • Students should ease into the system.
  • Keep your personal information private.
  • Establish explicit guidelines.
  • Offer flexibility.
  • Organize easy-to-understand tests.


For both the examiner and the examinee, online proctored exam methods is always the more convenient option. Incompetent cheating depicting tools, on the other hand, has long been a source of concern for administrators since it jeopardizes the integrity of the test and the institute. The ability to enable customers to safely, securely, and efficiently assure online proctored examinations stays unparalleled with the advent of AI and its hard-core usage in exam proctoring solution businesses such as Verificient’s – Proctortrack, exam proctoring services.