Taking online exams? Here’s what you need to know about LMS Integration with online proctoring software

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Online proctoring is a vital component of a complete online testing system. Verificient Technologies seamlessly interfaces with key Content and Learning Management System (LMS) providers. In addition to it, Proctortrack is an asset to any online testing suite because of its market-leading support.

How does online proctoring work?

online testing platform by proctortrack with Ai based proctoring solution

An administrator can use online remote proctoring to administer a test from a remote location. Additionally, proctoring ensures cheat-proof online assessments, allowing every applicant taking the test from the comfort of their own home to complete the exam without committing any malpractice.

LMS integration

The LMS integration with online proctoring software may not sound thrilling, but it can be the difference between a rapid and secure LMS API integration and one that leaves your data insecure and causes irritation for your instructors and students.

Online proctoring is a relatively new solution for most schools, colleges, and institutions. According to Educause research, 33% of professionals are unable to distinguish between a good and a terrible proctoring solution.

Online proctoring services are not inexpensive. They usually come with their own LMS software. Those that arrive without an LMS face various challenges when interacting with existing LMS software. As a result, before purchasing remote proctoring software, institutes must conduct an extensive study into the LMS platform’s compatibility and usage.

What is the significance of an LMS integration?

Core Operating System for remote proctoring proctortrack

Faculty and students will conduct testing on the LMS platform with which they are most familiar. However, your professors and students are overburdened, and the last thing they need is to devote time to mastering new instructional technology. As a result, using online proctoring software that directly integrates with your learning management system keeps your instructors and students in a familiar atmosphere for online testing.

Online proctoring with integrated LMS connection shortens any learning curve because:

  • Instructors can design online tests in the LMS as usual.
  • Students may log in and launch the test using the same LMS platform they’re used to.
  • Once the proctored exam gets launched, students will simply verify their ID and complete a room scan around a minute before beginning the proctored exam.

The setup of many online proctoring systems is rapid.

Institutions prefer a rapid and simple implementation that takes days rather than weeks or months. The speed with which online proctoring can be integrated with the LMS is a critical component in swiftly implementing it. In just an hour, you can set up online proctoring software with direct LMS connectivity.

Online proctoring keeps your data secure

Conduct Online Exams– Entrance, Semester, Term-end, Certification with AI based remote proctoring tools.

Data is shared securely between the online proctoring software and your LMS only when you have a direct LMS link. That said, check that the online proctoring services you’re considering are compatible with data privacy regulations. Some providers demand teachers and students to create an additional account and password to set up proctored examinations and access reports. It’s a time-consuming and tedious process that adds additional stress to a proctored exam.

Furthermore, online proctoring software that integrates directly with your LMS eliminates the need for additional logins and passwords, saving your faculty and students time and reducing headaches.

Exam reports from proctored exams are available in the LMS

Accessing proctored test reports within the LMS simplifies with online proctoring software with a plug-and-play LMS interface. During the exam, the proctoring software should collect data and provide teachers with actionable findings within the LMS.

Verificient Technologies online proctoring software interacts seamlessly with your existing Learning Management System, allowing you to:

  • As usual, instructors can create proctored online tests and examine reporting outcomes in the LMS.
  • Students may receive help without leaving the test window after they begin the online exam within the LMS.
  • Examinees and teachers do not need any additional passwords or logins.


Online proctoring is gets simple and comfortable for professors and students with the right proctoring technology. Instructors can easily set up proctored online tests, select which features to employ, and analyze actionable proctored exam reports. Students’ proctored testing experience is just as straightforward; they log in, verify their identification, and begin the proctored exam.

With the LMS integration of Verificient Technologies, instructors will be able to examine reports by test, student, or any criteria they want, as well as control all settings and information directly within the LMS.

A Crucial Component of Your LMS

  • With online proctoring, you can increase the credibility of your proctored exam suite.
  • Verificient Technologies connects with the world’s biggest Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle, and others.
  • Your test-takers will have a smooth experience.
  • More integrations are on the way!

Examiners may now configure the complete proctoring system with a single click, requiring no prior training. Easy Report Generation within your LMS Application – wherever and at any time you want, Hassle-free Proctoring Experience with Rich Analytics, and Proper Monitoring through Complete Control over the Proctoring System are all benefits of Verificient Technologies Extension-based quick LMS integration.

With Verificient Technologies Plug-In Integration, the LMS integration enables Smarter Solutions for Supercharged Proctoring:

1. Easy Integration

proctortrack is easy to use and student friendly. Proctortrack is remote Proctoring solution offered webcam proctored test.

With a clear and straightforward interface, Verificient Technologies Remote Proctoring Service integrates seamlessly with third-party technologies such as LMS and Assessment Solutions.

2. Data Security Via End-to-End Encryption

Verificient Technologies application layer is secured by a 128-bit Advance Encryption Service (AES). The user data, question bank, and user answers are all encrypted for further security.

3. Candidates have complete control and visibility.

Verificient Technologies provides Live Streaming, Screenshots of Exam Malpractices, Object Detection, and Full Logs of Proctored Activities.

4. Real-time Proctor and Candidate Chat

Candidates can launch a discussion with proctors if they have any questions or concerns about the exam, and proctors can open a chat to notify candidates when they find an appropriate answer.

5. Proctor Score Calculated by AI

By monitoring and assessing AI-Calculated Proctor Scores, exam administrators can identify at-risk pupils for preemptive assistance.

6. Certified Proctors Managed Service

Increases the personalization, efficiency, and security of the test experience, while reducing the administrative load of tracking and managing Proctoring with Verificient Technologies Certified Proctors.

7. Rich Analytics

To preserve academic integrity, comprehensive and complete analyses for all applicants with problematic images get filtered and identified.

8. Environment Check

Assessing the systems preparedness for system infrared. 

9. Prevention of Impersonation

On-Demand Physical/Automated approvers physically inspect the IDs and compare them with candidate pictures.

10. Automated & Human Proctors

Remote Proctoring offers Physical Proctoring and Automated Proctoring to protect current Assessment Infrastructures and avoid undesirable behavior during examinations.

The solutions offer data security and privacy during the whole evaluation process since they are encrypted and secured with Rapid SSL, a secure socket layer, to prevent data violation.

Easy LMS integration at a click of a button

online proctored exam download proctortrack browser extension for proctoring.exam remote invigilation, remote supervisor, invigilator online test, remote invigilation system.

Students may take Proctored Tests on their University’s own existing LMS with our integrated Remote Proctoring solutions without any additional procedures or training. There is no need to master new software or platform to take tests online.

Remote proctored exams with Proctortrack

Delta variant college reopening

Proctortrack offers remote proctoring with managed certified proctors and automated AI-Driven proctoring to protect Assessment in your existing LMS infrastructure and avoid objectionable behavior during examinations.

When a new change or technology employs for the first time, it might generate fear or raise issues. Similarly, some trepidation can occur with the introduction of online proctoring for tests that were formerly proctored on-site. Allowing students to take practice examinations is a terrific method to reduce tension and anxiety.

However, with Proctortrack, online proctoring may be simply integrated with your LMS, giving your students convenience and a familiar environment; a flexible and scalable solution for staff; and a secure, resilient, consistent, and fair alternative to onsite tests.

The growth of online proctored exams with Proctortrack

LMS integration is the compatibility of your learning management system with the business applications you are already using. It allows you to move data between systems to automate tasks and gain access to integrated reporting.

With the growth of technology, remote proctoring alternatives are improving. However, there are several remote proctoring alternatives on the market. Besides, you should select the one option that stands out in the market and meets your requirements.

Our online proctoring system promotes effective proctoring and ensures exam integrity.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your online testing environment.