Reasons to Go for Remotely Proctored CLEP Test Instead of Testing Centers

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College Board CLEP tests are great enablers for students to start their college journey successfully. Multiple CLEP tests happen annually, and more than 2900 institutes acknowledge the CLEP scores. With a legacy of over 50 years, this excellent infrastructure has been instrumental in accelerating the journey of bright students across the globe. The traditional testing method has existed for a long time. However, online proctoring has recently gained substantial popularity owing to its impressive benefits.

Remotely Proctored CLEP Test

How Can You Take the CLEP Test with Online Proctoring?

The College Board has made special efforts to offer test-from-home options to students. However, this alternative comes with some basic requirements. Students must meet essential parameters to opt for CLEP testing with an online proctoring option. Proctortrack CLEP is the chosen partner for College Board CLEP tests.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • A computer (PC only, no Macs)
  • A webcam
  • A speaker
  • A microphone
  • A whiteboard or one sheet of paper in a transparent sheet protector and a dry-erase marker for note-taking.
  • A quiet, secure testing environment

Student Criteria for Online Proctoring

  • Be 13 or older (18 years old or older if located in Illinois).
  • Be located in the U.S. (excludes U.S. territories) or be DANTES-funded.
  • Your computer and testing room must meet equipment and environment requirements and Proctortrack technical requirements for remote proctoring.

Benefits of the College Board Online CLEP Exam

The College Board CLEP exam is a widely accepted and respected examination body.Therefore, students and colleges get an abundance of benefits by going through their medium. Students can save precious money, study hours, and time to find CLEP exam locations. Some of the most prominent benefits of opting for the CLEP test online is

  • Students earn College Credits at a fraction of the Cost of an Entire Course. 
  • Students can save time on getting their degrees. 
  • CLEP students secure higher GPAs compared to their peers.
  • Students with CLEP credits perform better in their subsequent courses.
  • Higher chance of getting admission in more than 2900 institutes globally.

Why is Choosing Remote Online Proctoring Better for CLEP Exams?

Definitely, CLEP Testing centers have been serving students efficiently for a long time. But time has changed, and students are demanding greater flexibility and comfort. Online proctoring solution by Proctortrack has been a chosen remote proctoring partner of CLEP tests. Students have turned to the remote mode of CLEP tests in massive numbers owing to the benefits of doing so.

• Flexibility to Choose Place and Time of Test

Many options in terms of dates and time slots are given to students to choose from. On top of this, the test takes place from the comfort of their homes.Hence, students experience less stress as they do not have to worry about commute and accommodation kinds of things. Leaving aside such logistical matters, students can entirely focus on their exams and score more confidently.

• Exactly Similar Format as the Testing Centers

Tests on the online platform using remote proctoring have the exact exam experience of the testing centers. With the added comfort of home, the technical aspects like timed conditions, screen experience, content, and format remain the same. The point is that taking a CLEP test from a testing center is not different from the home except for the comfort of the house.

• Data Privacy Approach

An online proctoring solution like Proctortrack heavily complies with all necessary regulatory and industry data and information privacy policies. Student data is used only for digital invigilation and not for any other purpose. Such assurance is an excellent aid in gaining and keeping students’ trust. GDPR and SOPIPA are some of the many regulations that safeguard students’ privacy, and compliance with them is non-negotiable for online proctoring solutions.

• Client Service

Having the constant support of the service team throughout the process of CLEP exams online mode is a boon for students. Hence, a large section of service personnel is deployed to help students and administrators at any time, for technical or otherwise reasons. Hence, the worry of facing an issue is almost nil, and students can focus on their tests.

• Human Proctor for Security and Support

Remote Online Proctoring CLEP Exams

Apart from appearing from home, another difference between remotely proctored and CLEP testing centers tests is the human proctors. For each student, an exclusive proctor conducts online live invigilation. The role of a live proctor is not limited to checking suspicious activities but also supporting the students with any issues

Summing Up: Best CLEP Test Experience with Online Proctoring

CLEP tests are crucial for colleges as well as for students. Therefore, maintaining integrity is important alongside offering convenience. While administrators worry about increasing advanced cheating attempts, students seek constant support and flexibility. Leading and chosen online proctoring solutions for CLEP, like Proctortrack, have cracked the code to balance all these demands. Students opting for online proctoring supported CLEP test experience a seamless and positive experience during their tests. The onboarding and test process is pretty simple to follow. At the same time, students can enjoy the comfort of their homes while attempting to score the highest numbers for their valuable college credits.