Remote Proctoring: A Powerful Tool to Conduct Fair Assessment

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With the onset of the pandemic, everyone was concerned over the situation in the education domain. As the younger generation of our society was losing upon their critical time of learning. However, things moved faster than expected & various tech companies presented cohesive tools to carry on with learning. The next big worry was over the assessment part associated with education. Thankfully technology had an answer for that too. After various refinements over these two years, things started to fall in place. Let us see how & why Remote Proctoring became the protagonist of the movie called online education.

Features that make Online Proctoring System Work?

Online assessment tools make good use of some of the state-of-the-art technology to ensure complete transparency, fairness & ease of conducting an online examination. Let us see some of the most prominent & generic features being used by proctoring software across the globe.

1. Lockdown Browser

Online proctoring software makes use of customised browsers that disables the usage of any other browsers on the screen of the assessment taker. This feature prevents the chance of cheating during an assessment as it doesn’t allow the test taker to refer to any online reference material. This feature can be termed the most critical one as it eliminates the probability of cheating in online mode.

2. Authentication

The world of education is not unaware of the exam proxies. This issue has created quite turbulence in the offline exam scenario. Luckily while developing the assessment proctoring software, this thing has been taken care of. With the use of high-tech features such as face recognition & biometric authentication, this loophole has been sorted out quite nicely.

3. Data Storage

One of the very interesting aspects of remote proctoring is that it helps the assessor to analyse the data stored during an examination. This thing is not possible in an offline exam. Various types of smart reports can be fetched to get a better insight into the performance of the test taker. The recorded audio & video streaming can be a great tool to examine the authenticity of an exam. Any red flags within the duration of an exam can be a base to offer fair grades to the students.

4. AI-Enabled Proctoring

One cannot deny the fact that Artificial Intelligence has changed the face of online proctored exams. All the online proctoring tools using the power of AI make sure that every gap on account of human error is wiped off from the exam scenario. Be it the smart recognition feature using biometric & face recognition or the anti-cheating invigilation feature, none of the red flags can escape the smart eyes of AI.

Why Online Remote Proctoring Is the Future of Assessment?

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Online education is now the new reality & is going to stay here forever. This change has changed the face of how education was perceived conventionally. Now the question remains that how remote proctoring has added value to the entire mechanism. Well, it is apparent yet we shall dig a little deeper & understand the undeniable importance of online proctoring services in making the assessment not just possible but effective.

1. Flexibility

Before this rapid spread of online education physical presence was an essential element in the process of learning. This thing made it difficult for many students to get the benefit of good education despite having skills and calibre. While keeping the online proctoring system in the loop, institutes can not just deliver the curriculum but also conduct transparent & fair assessments. Also features such as recorded proctoring or AI-based proctoring can give liberty to the students to undergo the test at any time of their convenience.

2. Robust Security

Any educational institution would always want to ensure water-tight security measures around the process of assessment. This is very much possible with the use of the right kind of remote proctoring software. Online proctored exams can be better monitored than physical ones. This assessment software such as Proctortrack makes sure that each & every piece of data stored & used for the assessment remains within the closed-loop between the test taker & the assessor.

3. Efficient Data for Analysis

Online remote proctoring can be a great aid for fetching critical data to make the assessment more accurate. Also, it can give precise data about the various body movements & room environments of the test taker. Such data can throw a better light upon the integrity of the student who appeared for an online test. These reports can highlight red flags in the test process which helps in the determination of the score in a fair manner.

4. Eliminate Geographical Constraints

The biggest hurdle in delivering online education is the management of online assessment. By using efficient remote proctoring software such as Proctortrack, this gap can be filled. Beyond the geographical boundaries, educators can deliver quality learning & conduct the fair assessment at the same time. On the other hand, students can be benefited from some of the most skilled industry experts without actually being present in the same location. Also, the accessibility to the assessment at a time of convenience is a total win-win thing.

Remote Proctoring: The Fair Way

Being fair during an assessment is the moral obligation of any assessor. This element always maintains trust in the institution of learning & assessment. It is certainly not easy to be completely accurate in assessment when students & educators are not physically meeting on regular basis. Well, that is why online remote proctoring becomes all the more critical tools use. Online assessment platforms can very well deliver fair results with the use of their AI & tech-enabled solutions. Educators can make good use of some of the best assessment software such as Proctortrack to make remote proctoring smooth and accurate.