Proctortrack: The Only Proctoring Partner for College Board CLEP Exam

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Remember when students used to drag themselves to testing centers for their CLEP exam? Not to mention the complicated registration process. The dot-com age is an entirely different ball game. Gary has been preparing hard for CLEP for the last six months. All he wants is to collect maximum college credit for biology & jump-start with an advanced degree. Likewise, thousands of students prepare & attempt CLEP tests year on year and save thousands of dollars on college fees. The best part of CLEP is that students can choose exam centers or try from their homes using remote proctoring.

What is CLEP Exam?

Key Facts about CLEP · Students take CLEP exams at official CLEP test centers or at home with remote proctoring. · CLEP exams contain multiple-choice questions.

The College Level Examination Program, also known as CLEP, offers students a wide choice of subjects to gather college credit instead of taking up an entire course. Moreover, these exams have multiple-choice questions that college professors specially design, and anyone can attempt these tests without the constraint of geographical limits. The CLEP test question difficulty level matches the curriculum taught in lower-level college courses.

CLEP courses have 34 variants covering a wide range of domains and subjects. The exam duration varies between 90 to 120 minutes for completion, and most tests provide immediate results. Except if the subject demands, written work will be an added requirement. However, the time will vary if any student has taken up a subject requiring written work. 

How does Remote Proctoring Help for CLEP?

Indeed, College Board CLEP helps students with the time & money spent on elementary-level college courses. They facilitate taking tests using an online proctoring solution by Proctortrack. Here, Proctortrack ensures that online proctoring does not hinder their focus during the CLEP examination duration. 

The tests undertaken using Proctortrack’s remote proctoring will have identical timing, content, and format and an on-screen experience like a CLEP exam center. These CLEP exams online tests will also have a human-in-loop for proctoring assessment. 

All you need to have is:

• Computer ( Mac not Allowed. Only PC)

The computer must have a windows operating system with version 10. Its browser must be chrome, version 80.0 or higher. This machine must have a single screen or monitor. Ensure the system is compatible with Proctortrack’s technical requirements. Reconfigure firewall & antivirus software to permit Proctortrack & ETS online test application.

• Webcam

Students can use a built-in camera or an external one during the test. Make sure the camera is movable enough to show a 360-degree view of their room & seating arrangement.

• Speaker

Headsets & Headphones are not permitted. Internal or external speakers are permissible during the test.

• Microphone

An externally attached or internal microphone is needed.

• A transparent sheet protector or White Board for Taking Notes

Test takers should not use plain sheets of paper for taking notes for security reasons. Students can use a dry erase marker with a whiteboard. Additionally, another provision is that they can use a similar marker & use it on a transparent sheet protector.

• Secure & Quite Room Environment

The test should happen in a private room with restricted access to outsiders. Also, it should not have maps, charts, or any reading material on the surfaces. The pieces of equipment like a computer & keyboard must be on a tabletop. Hence, unless explicitly approved, food & drinks will not be allowed in the test environment.

How to be Eligible for the Remotely Proctored CLEP Test?

Any student aiming to take the CLEP test definitely needs to meet a few stringent criteria for remotely proctored tests using Proctortrack. 

  • 13 years or older age
  • Located within the USA ( Excludes US Territories)
  • The testing room must meet environmental requirements
  • Testing equipment ( Computer & attachments) must be compatible with Proctortrack Technical requirements

Few Accommodations Offered with Remotely Proctored CLEP test.

Any student with learning or physical disabilities can contact the CLEP college board for assistance. Accordingly, The students can avail of few accommodations for remotely proctored tests, and the board can approve such accommodations with or without their school’s intervention. 

These accommodations have no impact on the CLEP testing workflow. Also, the best thing is that basic accommodations such as permission for the student to have food, drink, medicine consumption, or blood sugar testing is possible. The student should be within the viewing periphery of the proctor during the test duration all the time. The remote proctoring system assigns these human proctors for the CLEP exam.

Accommodations Possible Using Remote Proctored CLEP Exam:

  • Untimed Test Breaks
  • Time Extension
  • Modifiable Screen Colors
  • Screen Magnification

Test takers should submit all their accommodation requirements to the CLEP board two months before the CLEP exam date. In addition to this, unless the board approves the accommodations, the exam registration will not be possible using a remote proctoring solution by Proctortrack. Test takers can also undertake CLEP practice tests available online. 

Easy steps for taking Taking CLEP test Using Remote Proctoring by Proctortrack

Indeed, the remote proctoring exam has helped students to give CLEP tests from the comfort of their homes. Besides Proctortrack has been partnering with the CLEP board in the mission to create a safe & secure environment without compromising on ease. Let us see some of the basic steps for consideration while planning for a remotely proctored exam. 

  1. Duly check all the remote proctoring equipment & environment required by the CLEP board for online proctored tests.
  2. Create an account on the CLEP website & register for a remote proctored exam
  3. Use Proctortrack to schedule the exam for a date. 
  4. Download & complete installation of the ETS online test application. A functional application should be in place for the test day to enable the proctor to initiate the exam using Unify Test Launcher.
  5. Check all the equipment & logistical requirements needed for the exam day.
  6. Sign in to the software on the scheduled date & time. Keep government-issued ID ready for the proctor for verification.
  7. Take the test with ease & transparency.

Can You Cheat on the CLEP exam? No!

College Board CLEP exam

Undoubtedly, the CLEP test having an instance of malpractice during an online proctored exam is highly impossible. The proctoring solution uses AI-enabled features for identity verification with a human-in-loop approach. Additionally, the human proctor monitors every movement of the test taker. Along with this mechanism, the proctor also checks the room thoroughly using the standard & stringent norms. Hence, there is a low chance that a CLEP online exam can have any loophole.

Conclusion: How does Proctortrack Make a Difference for Good?

First of all, CLEP is a great platform to save a lot of time & money for students. On top of that, they also offer these tests easily using an online remote proctoring solution by Proctortrack. Imagine that Joe has an important event in his place of work. However, the date of the CLEP test for his Spanish course is clashing with it. With Proctortrack’s excellent assistance, he can do justice to both. Without leaving the town or his home, he can appear for the test & go back to the event & be a hero at work.