Proctortrack Is Now Available On Google Chromebooks!

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Proctortrack, the world’s most advanced remote proctoring company, now supports automated proctoring on Chromebook. (Chrome version 80 and above)

It is true that with the right kind of infrastructure and tools, learning can be made more effective and engaging. The chaos caused due to the prevalent pandemic has forced the educational sector to pave the way for an active learning environment. Schools, colleges, and universities are now witnessing the potential of technology to redefine their policies in order to make study-from-home the new normal. With a collection of readily available technological tools, Chromebooks are helping students and teachers gain a fantastic learning experience, especially in these challenging times. 

Chromebooks – Designed For Speedy, Smart, And Secure Learning!

Tests are proctored on Chromebooks the same way as they are proctored on PCs or Macs.

Chromebooks are shareable, web-based devices that help you access the internet, apps, and powerful browser extensions. It has automatic updates and multi-layer security, helping students and teachers collaborate securely. 

Benefits of Chromebooks:

  • It can quickly deploy, manage, and set policies for 100 or 100,000 devices
  • Low-cost devices make computers truly accessible to all. 
  • Students can access all their work from any device.
  • More comfortable to assign hands-on projects and encourage proper skill development. 
  • It helps educators personalize learning, engage students, and foster performance as a whole. 

How Proctortrack Makes Online Proctoring Easier On Chromebooks.

Proctortrack is the only automated online remote proctoring solution that continuously verifies the identity of online test-takers while detecting and deterring academic misconduct.

Cheat Proof Online Exam Proctoring

Proctortrack utilizes biometrics and machine learning to securely conduct online proctoring exams and ensure cheat-proof live web proctored tests

Remote Invigilation and Online Proctoring

Proctortrack brings convenience and comfort to remotely conducted exams. It efficiently monitors remote exams to deliver accurate results.

AI-based Online Identity Verification

Proctortrack ensures Multi-factor biometric authentication upon entry and facial recognition technology throughout the online web proctored exam

Configure proctoring settings to meet your needs

Customizable proctoring settings, available when setting up a test, adjust the exam terms to meet each instructors’ and students’ unique requirements.

Proctortrack’s Compatibility With Chromebooks Is Available On:

ProctorLock Level 1Delivers fully-automated high-value identity verification and a robust browser lock. It also detects 11 unique testing violations.

ProctorAuto Level 2Delivers a fully automated proctoring solution with no human intervention. It detects 17 unique testing violations.

Proctortrack QA Level 3Delivers automated proctoring with QA manual review by certified proctors delivering 99.5% Accuracy. It detects 26 unique testing violations.