Why Colleges and Students Prefer Proctortrack for CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER

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Colleges have been making accurate assessments for student readiness using the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER scores. Additionally, this tool helps assess the knowledge level and make placement decisions. The CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER admission test also provides a free web-based study app for students to learn and practise before their tests. Apart from taking CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER tests in the designated testing centers, students can appear for the test from home. CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER is offering online proctored tests in collaboration with Proctortrack.

The free ACCUPLACER study app features official practice tests in each subject that you can take on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Top 10 Reasons - Students Prefer Proctortrack:

1. Better Student UX

Students can expect a smartly designed interface with all the essential features without complications. All the required fields have a proper explanation. The interface and overall user experience have a lively and comfortable vibe. Unlike the notion of proctoring being a restrictive solution, Proctortrack manages to offer a friendly and inclusive UX for the students.

2. Best-in-Class Student Support

Proctortrack aptly understands that a student is already tense during a test. At this point, sailing through the complications of the online proctored exam is the last thing to happen to them. Hence, along with the excellent UX, Proctortrack also offers continuous customer support. So, at any point, the support team is ready to help if the student is having trouble.

3. Easier Registration and Onboarding

Getting started with the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER test using online proctoring is easy. CollegeBoard and Proctortrack websites guide the onboarding process. Students can connect with the customer support team for any query. They need a valid ID and voucher code to proceed.

4. Less Intrusive - No Creepy Factor

A primary concern among students is cyber security. Reluctance to permit applications to operate on their personal computer is a big deal—proctortrack functions with stringent data and information security compliance features. The solution protects the student’s data and operates within federal laws’ guidelines.

5. Auto Proctoring is Available Anytime

If a student is required to take a test that doesn’t require a human proctor’s involvement, the convenience is ultimate. They can schedule the test anytime and stop worrying about disturbing their routine.

6. Scheduling for Live Proctoring: 6x Daily

Students have the luxury of choosing from the six different time slots for the test. This is an excellent facility for students required to take a test that requires a human proctor involved. Even though the requirement of a live-human proctor is an additional one, having six available stots spread across the day is a great deal of comfort for students.

7. No Cancellation or Change Fees

If students want to change the same or cancel the test after registering for a slot, they will not be financially penalised in the name of extra fees. So in the event of adversities, cancellation and change of slot is very easy with Proctortrack.

8. 1-Hour Grace Period

Students are offered an hour as a grace period during the test. Typically a test is a race against time but not with Proctortrack. Because students appear remotely without the physical support of the administrator or invigilator, this time is given to them to settle well and attempt the test with a calm mind. The live proctor waits for the student to join and starts with the test for an extra hour.

9. Focus on Student Privacy and Data Security

The privacy and safety guidelines confirm students’ data and information security. The information is secure against malware, viruses and potential data breaches. Proctortrack uses every piece of data during the test duration for academic evaluation. The solution provider discards the same as soon as the stipulated period is over.

10. Cost Effective

Remote Proctoring an AI Powered Cost-Effective Way to Prevent cheating using protortrack solution with online remote proctoring solution

This is a known fact in the student community that Proctoirtrack is a cost-effective option for taking the CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER test. A test with Proctortrack’s intelligent and easy online proctoring costs as much as a cup of coffee.

Top 10 Reasons -Test Administrators Prefer Proctortrack:

1. Better Value

Opting for Proctortrack for your test is a more economical alternative. The cost of setting up a test is nominal, giving your students great convenience.

2. Better UX: Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard for the instructor\administator is a masterpiece by Proctortrack. The data available on the dashboard can give an accurate idea to the administrator for the test attempted by a student and the related notifications.

3. Best-in-Class Admin Support 24/7

Proctortrack has an award-winning customer support team that is always ready to help. The support team is available 24*7*365 days. Administrators or instructors can get stuck at any time for technical or administrative issues; the team will resolve them.

4. Easy to Add Instructors

Unlike any other online proctoring solution provider, with Proctortrack adding instructors is an easy job. Colleges can add new instructors with a hassle-free procedure and keep their operations running smoothly.

5. Easier and Faster to Review Integrity Reports

The reports provided by Procrortrack after completing the test are comprehensive. Furthermore, the intelligent software can highlight every incident that may have happened during a test. With the sharp scrutiny and surveillance of Proctortrack, it is tough to carry out any cheating.

6. No Cancellation or Change Fees

There are no additional fees if any changes happen in a test using Proctortrack. Also, for cancellation of the test, Proctortrack does not charge extra.

7. Focus on Student Privacy and Data Security

While recommending Proctortrack for your students, you, as an administrator, can rest assured about the data security of students. Even though students may have concerns regarding allowing software to install and function in their systems, but the way proctortrack works leave no margin for data breaches.

8. Billing Post Test Completion

Procrortrack charges any CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER exam sessions only after the completion. This feature shows that Proctorytack shows great pride and confidence in its product and service as they do not force the colleges to pay in advance.

9. Monthly / Quarterly Invoicing

An excellent facility for the colleges is having monthly or quarterly invoicing. Hence, this arrangement allows colleges to run their billing reconciliation more appropriately.

10. Cost Effective

Setting up a test using the Proctortrack online proctoring solution is a cost-effective alternative for colleges. Additionally, the pricing is very economical and helps colleges scale their test numbers without taking the unnecessary financial burden.

200 Institutes Already Chose Proctortrack: Still Counting

Many colleges and institutions are with Proctortrack to safeguard their exam security. Proctortrack already has 200 plus institutions with it for securing their CollegeBoard ACCUPLACER placement testing. At the same time, many students also choose to appear for the online proctored test because of what Proctortrack offers to them. Along with all the technical and procedural benefits, convenience and robust customer support is heart winner. Therefore, colleges trust Proctortrack for its robust technology and remote proctoring expertise.