Proctortrack: A Smart Option for CollegeBoard CLEP Exams

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CollegeBoard CLEP® exams have been helping students for over 50 years. It helps to collect valuable college credit points. Around 2900 colleges have affiliation with CollegeBoard CLEP® for the college credit arrangement. With such an excellent opportunity, CollegeBoard CLEP® also offers the alternative to take their tests from the comfort of your home. Students can use Proctortrack, the chosen online proctoring partner, and work towards collecting their college credit points remotely.

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How CollegeBoard CLEP® Helps?

With CollegeBoard CLEP®, students can collect college credit points for elementary-level subject courses they already know. They can directly skip to the advanced levels. For this, they don’t have to spend a fortune. This system gives them the liberty to skip the introductory level subject courses. CollegeBoard CLEP® tests are a great way to save money and get degrees faster. 

CollegeBoard CLEP® offers 34 tests covering initial level college course curriculum. Students can get three or more credits just by achieving a passing score on these tests. So, imagine how much more beneficial it will be if students manage to score higher.

Benefits of CollegeBoard CLEP®

The advantages of CollegeBoard CLEP® are plenty. There are two parties in their process, Students and Colleges, and let us see how this arrangement works for each of them. 

For Students

  • Probability of Securing a Higher GPA
  • Save Money on Introductory College Courses
  • Higher Rate of Transfer from 2-year to 4-year Colleges
  • Scores Have Wide Acceptance in Around 2900 Colleges and Universities
  • A Sure Way to Get Degrees Faster


For Colleges

  • CollegeBoard CLEP® Students Have Higher Chance of Degree Completion
  • Students with CollegeBoard CLEP® Scores Have Better GPA
  • A Higher Academic Performance Comes from CollegeBoard CLEP® Students
  • CollegeBoard CLEP® Students Have Higher Retention Rate

How to Get Started

These are simple steps for getting started with an online proctored CollegeBoard CLEP® exam. In case anyone gets stuck, the live 24*7 customer support team from Proctortrack is always ready to help.

Follow these simple steps to Get Started.

  1. Students must complete their registration for the CollegeBoard CLEP® exam using the link provided on the CollegeBoard CLEP® website.
  2. Within 24 hours of completing the registration, an email comes with the CollegeBoard CLEP® ticket ID and a link to the Proctortrack website.
  3. A confirmation email will come from Proctortrack, after which students should log in and complete their profile. The profile completion includes ID verification.
  4. As soon as the profile is approved basis ID verification, students can schedule their test.
  5. At the time of the test, students will get thorough guidance for downloading the Proctortrack Desktop App.

Proctortrack: A Chosen CollegeBoard CLEP® Partner

CollegeBoard CLEP® has a reputation for allowing students to move faster in their academic journey. Students can also choose to appear for the tests using multiple mediums, like dedicated test centers or from the comfort of their homes. All they have to do is register for the test using the remote online proctoring option. 

Proctortrack has been a preferred online proctoring provider for the CollegeBoard CLEP® exam for over three years. Over 200 institutions have switched to Proctortrack as a preferred proctoring partner. Proctortrack leverages advanced ID verification, Browser Lock, and Live and Automated Proctoring solutions to protect the integrity of online CollegeBoard CLEP® tests.

Key Features of Procortrack for CollegeBoard CLEP®

Proctoring is an essential part of CollegeBoard CLEP® online exams. Online exams allow students to take the tests from the comfort of their homes. Such comfort comes with the need for robust yet uncomplicated invigilation. Let us see how Proctortrack has won the hearts of colleges and students as far as CollegeBoard CLEP® exams are concerned.

  • Schedule As Per Your Comfort

Proctortrack understands that time is essential for the CollegeBoard CLEP® exam aspirants; therefore, the proctoring software gives ample options for exam slots. Hence, students can select a time for the test without disrupting their routine.

  • Live Human Proctor Support

Live proctors are continuously available during the CollegeBoard CLEP® test if the student needs help. Additionally, the live proctors have all the necessary training to be helpful during the entire span of the test for technicalities. Against the usual notion of the invigilator’s role during a test, these human proctors extend guidance to the students if they find any difficulties along with their regular duties.

  • 24*7 Client Support

The administrators or the students receive continuous support from the live customer support team of Proctotrack. The support team is always equipped to help with suitable solutions for any query. Hence, students can easily focus on their exams without getting tense about the technical requirements.

  • User-Friendly Application

The Proctortrack application is easy to download and install. Even though it has ultra-advanced features, the App does not impact the operating system’s efficiency, which is impressive as students can take their tests without feeling a hitch.

  • Privacy First Approach

A matter of worry for students while installing any application in their system is the risk of data security. Therefore, Proctortrack meticulously guards the systems for every test using the ultimate data security compliance. Students concentrate on taking their CollegeBoard CLEP® exams without worrying about an intrusion into their privacy or data. Each system and test is secure when Proctortrack is at work.

  • Price Benefit

Administrators and students are also willing to use Proctortrack for the price benefit. Setting up and taking a CollegeBoard CLEP® exam is very cost-effective using Proctortrack. Furthermore, this economical proctoring solution has state-of-the-art technology with a negligible burden on the wallet. Hence, Proctortrack dominates using its best-in-class technology and lowest pricing structure.

Online Proctoring by Proctortrack: A Smart Choice for CollegeBoard CLEP®

Taking up remote CollegeBoard CLEP® is a convenient, intelligent and secure arrangement to take these tests. We have already elaborated several benefits and valuable features for the students and administrators for choosing Proctortrack as an online proctoring partner. Proctortrack operates with the agenda of offering ease and security. Proctortrack is constantly improvising and adapting to the changing demands of online proctoring to create a secure online exam environment for every CollegeBoard CLEP® test.