Why ProctorTA (Teaching Assistant) is the best-value browser lock for in-classroom exams

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BYOD ( bring your own device) examination arrangements serve many benefits to institutes. One significant advantage is less stress upon their own resources. However, alongside the benefits, a few perils are also attached. Mainly the risk of students cheating on their devices during exams. Undoubtedly preserving exam integrity should be the primary cause of concern for instructors. Hence, they must use innovative proctoring solutions such as ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant) to create a safe and seamless exam environment for invigilators and students.


Challenges of In-classroom Exam Proctoring

The pandemic changed the dynamics of the education system. Things started moving from remote locations with the help of technology. However, things had to move back to normal for numerous social reasons. One thing which managed online and moved back to a physical set-up was examinations. Multiple institutes started allowing in-classroom online testing programs with BYOD arrangements. Along came some unique challenges:

• Configuration of Consistent Access Across Student Devices

Unless the institute or the examination administrator implements a uniform solution to monitor each student in the examination hall, effective in-classroom proctoring becomes challenging. Students may play around with the security requirements and find a way to cheat during the assessment. Each system used from the student’s side should be monitored and connected for real-time updates and cheating detection.

• Making Sure Proctoring is Uninterrupted Across Inconsistent Wi-Fi Network

Many online proctoring solutions need a continuous internet connection to function to the best of their ability, which should not be the case. Innovative proctoring solutions such as ProctorTA have the capability of Smart Network async for the uncompromised proctoring experience. This specific feature is of utmost essential for maintaining the highest exam integrity.

• Protection Against Malware, Virtual Machines, USB Keyboards, and Restricted Browsers

 Students are always trying to be one step ahead of the exam invigilation techniques. Earlier cheat sheets and hidden notes under clothes used to be their handy weapon. With the changing time, students are using advanced gadgets and virtual machines to make things happen. To prevent such technologically clever cheating tricks, proctoring tools also need to be intelligent enough to catch them.

• Concerns Over Student Privacy and Data Protection

On several occasions, students disagree with using online proctoring solutions as they perceive these applications to be invasive in their systems. This scenario comes to the forefront as proctoring solution providers fail to provide needed data privacy assurance. Hence, students hesitate to grant access of their systems.

Solutions Offered By ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant)

ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant) is the most advanced online AI proctoring software to assist teachers during in-classroom and remotely proctored exams on students’ devices. Along with the value offerings, ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant) also brings to the table some interesting technical features to become the most wholesome solution. 

  • Comprehensive SPADE ( Student Privacy and Data Expunge ) Dashboard
  • Three Technologies to Serve a Variety of Student Cohorts (Download App, Browser Extension, and PEBble Browser)
  • Real-time Smart Prevention at Four Different Levels
  • Robust browser Lockdown for Restricting Access to Unauthorised Apps/Browsers

Why is ProctorTA (Teaching Assistant) Unique?

proctorta canada teaching assistant

ProctorTA(Teaching Assistant) is an intelligent AI exam supervision software for conducting in-classroom exams. Therefore, exam invigilators and educators can easily achieve the highest exam integrity with this revolutionary solution. Along with the classroom exam proctoring system for schools, it also offers an excellent platform for live communication between students and instructors during an assessment. 

However, if we want to precisely understand the exact deliverables of ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant), here you go: 

  • Robust and Safe Exam Browser Lock
  • 100% Automation 
  • Uninterrupted Tech Support
  • 99% Accuracy in Reports
  • Scalable Solution with Cost-Effective Pricing Preposition
  • Seamless and Secure Exam Browser Lock Extension
  • Multi-level Proctoring ( user, Desktop, Mobile-device & Core System)
  • Least Invasive Approach for Student Data Privacy

In-classroom Exams Needs ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant): Conclusion

Trusting students blindly to follow examination rules is a naive approach. On the other hand, implementing a techno-tool that compromises their data privacy and ease of undergoing an exam is also not a solution. Hence, the most logical approach is to use proctoring solutions such as ProctorTA ( Teaching Assistant) to become an extension of the invigilation procedure conducted by human proctors for fair and effective exam monitoring.