Online proctoring technology: Key to secure online exams

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Today, the whole globe will agree that the pandemic has altered the way every function is carried out. Every major industry, from transportation to finance to healthcare, has seen extraordinary transformations. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing standards that have now become the new normal.

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The educational sector has also seen a tidal upheaval. Besides this, students and teachers are facing a digital transformation that they did not expect or prepare for, thanks to remote classes and offers. Secondly, online certificates, talent evaluations, and tests have become the standard as a result of this advancement. Moreover, companies and organizations that are trying to hire new staff are adopting talent evaluation tools.

The future of exams

Delta variant college reopening

Exams are taken online by educational institutions ranging from schools to colleges to universities to guarantee that learning does not come to a standstill. Furthermore, educational institutions are beginning to recognize the numerous advantages of administering tests online. Examining methods, like invigilation, need preparation and scheduling, as well as costly labor. Secondly, by automating such processes, online tests save money and important time while making the entire process easier.

Remote proctoring software assists universities in managing their test and certification procedures. These sophisticated remote proctoring software applications proctor the examination by automating and standardizing the procedure.

What is Remote Proctoring?

Best Online Proctoring Technologies in 2021

In the recent decade, there has been an extraordinary increase in the use of online exams and remote proctoring. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, remote proctoring is the standard as a realistic and tangible alternative to in-person proctoring. With educational institutions closed and exams required, most institutions recognized the potential and necessity of online exam proctoring.

Online proctoring leveraging the future of online education

Online proctoring services is the technique of assessing a timed or untimed remote online exam using software that watches test-takers via their camera video, audio, and desktop. Also, online proctoring services allow schools to ensure the identification of the test taker and the absence of any malpractices, among other things. Remote proctoring, which employs secure technology, is a viable alternative to on-site testing.

Remote proctoring is gaining popularity in schools and colleges, and as a result of its efficacy, educational institutions have witnessed a significant decrease in the occurrence of any cheating or malpractices.

How does Online Exam Proctoring Work?

Remote proctoring software, like an in-person proctor, monitors the testing process and detects any abnormalities throughout the online examination. To comprehend online test proctoring, it is necessary to first comprehend the three methods of online proctoring:

  • Live proctoring: A proctor uses a webcam to observe a candidate in real-time. This includes assessing the surroundings before the examination, as well as sharing the screen during the exam.
  • Recorded proctoring: The test-screen takers are recorded as they take the exam and are afterward examined by proctors to search for any errors.
  • Automated proctoring: Automated proctoring is a kind of online exam proctoring that uses AI or artificial intelligence to monitor audio and video streams for anomalies.

With technology progressing and a greater emphasis on automation, we can expect AI to play a significant role in online exam proctoring in the future. In addition to this, AI can also use voice and face recognition to validate a test identification, takers to look for anomalies in user behavior, and eye movement detection to look for inconsistencies.

How to select online remote proctoring software?

Online remote proctoring software has increasingly garnered favor among many educational organizations. Their growing popularity among certification providers throughout the world suggests that we will see it more frequently in the near future. Furthermore, the global pandemic has forced educational institutions to prepare for unanticipated eventualities.

While the rising popularity of online remote proctoring software is understandable, educational institutions all over the world are grappling with the same issue: how to choose the best online remote proctoring software.

These online exam proctoring technology also make it difficult for applicants to engage in any type of misconduct. Furthermore, when more efficient technologies become available, these software solutions will be able to handle groups of practically any size. With the future of online proctoring software looking promising, these are the top 5 online proctoring technologies:

1. ProctorLock

ProctorLock provides completely automated identity verification as well as data logging. Proctoring data captured includes video, audio, and desktop screenshots. The proctoring solution is accessible to teachers for self-evaluation on the integrity review website. Within 2-3 hours, real-time video data is accessible.

ProctorLock provides:

  • Browser Lock
  • Smart Prevention
  • Cost-Effective

2. ProctorAuto

Completely automated. Excellent quality. Rapid Results. Proctorless.

Along with Level 1 ProctorLock capabilities, it provides automatic identity verification, data recording, and automated data analysis. This procedure provides high accuracy and a quick turnaround, delivering results within 6 hours.

Results may be scheduled, shared, and seen.

You may schedule an exam and receive a link to share with your students in just a few clicks. As they complete the exam, you will be able to read reports on their performance as well as the associated Trust Score.


Can handle 1000’s of simultaneous users. Across multiple devices


Monitors Test-Taker’s Environment real-time to Prevent Malpractice


Generates a Trust Score based on multiple tracked factors

3. ProctorTrack QA

Proctortrack QA provides an automated proctoring solution with manual QA review by trained proctors, resulting in a 99.5 percent accuracy rate.

Our most popular and most cost-effective option. Identifies 26 distinct testing failures. Proctortrack Quality Assurance. With the use of two-camera approach monitoring, Proctortrack also provides the greatest degree of test integrity.

Accuracy is 99.5 percent. The best deal. The most popular.

This is a more robust version of auto proctoring in which the Level 2 findings are further evaluated utilizing a manual QA review method. Highest Fidelity Ratings. Turnaround time is 12-24 hours. Perfect for midterms and finals.

4. ProctorLive AI

AI-assisted live proctoring based on exceptions.

A real-time hybrid solution combining live remote invigilation and human proctors with AI-enhanced auto proctoring intervention capabilities in situations of suspicious activity, cheating, or assisting a student. The findings of the testing integrity are further evaluated using AI. Excellent for high-stakes examinations.

Any questionable behavior by exam takers will be reported to the teacher in real-time throughout the exam.

The instructor and the learner can communicate in real-time. Using the real-time monitoring dashboard, he can also permanently remove the student from the exam.

If a student’s Internet connection is lost, the system saves all cheating occurrences and transmits them to the teacher whenever the connection is restored. Moreover, cheating occurrences are encrypted and saved until they may be recovered via the Internet. Advanced methods are employed to ensure that no fraudulent actions are carried out by offline pupils. If a student loses power, the ProctorLive AI will submit the reports whenever the computer is turned back on.

5. ProctorDIY

You Should Know About Online Remote Proctoring

Live Procturing up to 25 students remotely with the aid of AI, introducing the world’s first Do-It-Yourself Proctoring Platform.

  • Maintain your student’s confidence by providing the greatest degree of student privacy and security.
  • Facial Confirmation and Automated Identity Verification
  • Browser security lockdown
  • Launching is quick, secure, and simple.

ProctorDIY is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself proctoring platform. ProctorDIY conducts ID Verification, automatic Facial ID Confirmation, and Browser Security using a computer web camera. It’s allows teachers to monitor their own students, drastically lowering student privacy and student data security concerns.

Empowers Instructors

Instructors: Don’t jeopardize your pupils’ trust and rapport. You may now proctor your own examinations with high student privacy, security, and cheap cost – all without jeopardizing the online proctored exam’s integrity.

Online proctoring technology is the new-age online exam monitoring system for remote and cheating-free online proctored exams.

We Enable Credible, Secure, And Scalable Exams

Conduct Online Exams– Entrance, Semester, Term-end, Certification with AI based remote proctoring tools.
  • Credible: Using our AI-based proctoring technology, you may conduct assessments that are free of cheating.
  • Secure: Our advanced security features keep your data safe
  • Scalable: We have a track record of administering millions of proctored assessments in a single day.

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