Online proctoring makes exam-from-home much easier. Learn how!

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Online teaching, learning, and test-taking have always been a part of online education, but the last year made its need even more apparent. That said, universities worldwide changed the methods of conducting examinations and taking assessments. Without a doubt, transitioning to remotely proctored exams was not easy right off the bat. Yet, appropriate tools and online proctoring solutions made it achievable for many of them as they saw positive results. 

The growing trend of online proctoring

Proctortrack Proctored Testing Solutions For Online exam

The online proctoring market has witnessed prominent growth since the pandemic emerged. As research goes, the market was valued at $354.37 million (USD) in 2019. As per the prediction, it will increase to $1,187.57 million (USD) by 2027 and is likely to grow at a CAGR of 16.4% from 2020 to 2027. 

While the numbers look striking, remote proctoring has also provided tremendous advantages to both teachers and students that you must check out. 


Up until switching to online proctored exams, students had to reach a test centre on a given day and time and write a 3-hour long exam. With online proctoring, candidates can now take an online exam from their homes, in privacy, as per their schedule.

Time and cost-saving

The in-person examination process is indeed time-consuming and involves many steps and instructors. On the other hand, remote proctoring eliminates the need for on-site invigilators, making the entire process fast, cost-effective, and agile. 

Secure exams

To secure the examination, educational institutions spend extra money at various steps. Since the online proctoring software can check the malpractices and cheating incidents while monitoring, it lessens the invigilators’ burden when security comes to light. 


Remotely proctored exams are a privilege to those who stay far away from the exam location. In a remote proctored exam, candidates can take the exam from their own devices, and the proctoring software continuously monitors hundreds of test-takers at scale.  

Faster evaluation process

As discussed before, the agile online examination process helps institutions take secure exams with quick results. What makes online remote proctoring solutions more reliable is their faster evaluation process. The system can evaluate the answers automatically and delivers accurate reports of each student on time. 

Proctortrack – An innovative remote proctoring solution

Plagiarism-checking detection platform

Proctortrack has been a savior to many universities, especially during the unprecedented times of Covid. The application is essential and suitable for secure remote invigilation

In a traditional exam setup, cheating is both familiar and highly rewarding. Whereas online proctoring software helps detect each test-taker’s suspicious behavior and cheating incidents through automated technology and real-time monitoring

Proctortrack is the only automated remote proctoring solution that continuously verifies online test-takers’ identities while detecting and deterring academic misconduct. Proctortrack catches students receiving outside help from friends, unauthorized devices, course materials, or textbooks, with continuous identity verification throughout the exam via facial recognition.

The proctoring software provides:

  • Accessibility
  • A comfortable test environment
  • Multi-factor authentication to verify identities 
  • Scalable proctoring
  • Live online proctoring with AI-enabled technology
  • Trusted exam integrity