Online Exam Software — Meeting The Changing Needs Of Learning

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Amid the second wave of Covid-19 fears, universities & educational institutions are revising their curriculum to meet students’ changing needs. Currently, New York City’s average number of coronavirus cases and its infection rate hit the highest levels since May 2020. To curtail the spread of this virus, many US states are now planning to impose lockdowns that involve various restrictions on movement, social gatherings, work, schooling, and hospitality. 

Altering ways of learning in the pandemic-era

Proctortrack is the most trusted and widely accepted online exam software with remote proctoring features

The risk of coronavirus infection resulted in the sudden closure of schools, colleges, and universities. As a result, the demand for virtual tutorials, video conferencing tools, online learning platforms, and online proctoring software has soared during a time of crisis. 

The rising demand for online exam software

In recent times, emerging technologies like online exam proctoring software use AI and machine learning to conduct cheat-proof online exams

Here’s how online exam software helps conduct secure exams:

1. Maintains academic integrity

Online Exam software with unique features to conduct objective , subjective assessments with AI driven Remote Proctoring.

With AI-enabled technology and an anti-cheating system installed, online assessment tools prevent suspicious activities during online exams. 

Proctortrack – Helps you achieve trusted exam integrity.

AI-powered Remote Proctoring to prevent cheating during Online Exams

Proctortrack is seamless, efficient, and secure Online Exam Software to conduct & manage exams for schools, colleges & universities. It’s the most trusted and widely accepted AI-based proctored tests

Proctortrack detects students receiving outside help from friends, unauthorized devices, course materials, or textbooks, with continuous identity verification throughout the exam via facial recognition. 

2. Proctor real-time

The most common question that arises when a proctor invigilates remotely is whether they can watch the candidate’s screen or no. 

Proctortrack delivers automated identity verification, data recording with screen captures, and automated data analysis of each student without human intervention. 

3. Lockdown browser

LockDown Browser with a webcam, which will record you during an online proctored exam

This feature completely locks down the test-takers’ system, preventing any misconduct during an exam. This is the most secure option, as the software completely locks down the candidate’s device, restricting them to browse other tabs or links. 

Proctortrack has a suite of products, among which, ProctorLock, delivers fully-automated identity verification plus data recording. The recorded proctoring data includes video, audio, and desktop screenshots. Also, the proctoring data is made available on the integrity review page for self-review instructors, making the entire exam process hassle-free.

3. AI-based remote proctoring

Online Test Proctoring with proctortrack. Live proctoring services with AI enabled

AI-based remote proctoring further simplifies the exam process by detecting the atypical behavior of test-takers. 

ProctorLive AI provides a real-time hybrid model that couples live remote human proctors with AI-enhanced auto proctoring intervention capabilities in cases of suspicious behaviors, cheating, or aid a student. 

Lastly, online exam software ensures flexibility.

In a fast-paced world, time and convenience play a significant role. In fact, studies show that digital learning eases the entire learning process for both educators and students. Simultaneously, an online examination tool has further stimulated the growth of EdTech in recent times. It allows flexibility in time and enables students and teachers to control their environment and schedule.