Level 4 ProctorLive AI: Best of all worlds leveraging Automation and Live Proctoring

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Since education is becoming increasingly decentralized, institutions are developing new online courses to better serve their technology-driven learners. In most disciplines, the numbers of distance learning courses and online degrees have also grown exponentially.  However, it is important to ensure that the quality of services offered to distant students is similar to the ones on campus. 

Proctoring is one such service that is deeply embedded in our academic curriculum. It might not strike you at first but most of us have experienced proctoring firsthand. For instance, giving your mid-terms or practicals under the supervision of a teacher is nothing but proctoring. In online courses, students have access to study materials, weekly discussion forums, exam reviews, and assignment submissions through an LMS (learning management system), but as far as exams are concerned, some institutes still prefer on-campus exams.

As an alternative, students in remote locations can take their exams under the physical supervision of a local proctor. Doesn’t this negate the whole idea of “online learning”? This is why online proctoring services exist! Online proctoring solutions are capable of delivering a truly online learning experience without the hassle of on-campus visits. Let’s take a quick look at how live proctoring has a convenient edge over traditional in-person proctoring.

Live proctoring vs on-site proctoring

Live Proctoring via WebcamOn-Site Proctoring
A live proctor monitors the audio and visual feeds of a candidate in real-time.A proctor (usually a teacher) physically supervises the candidate.
Exams can be taken from any remote location.Exams are conducted on-campus or at a certified examination center.
Live proctors have an option to review any suspicious activities by playing back individual video streams.Proctors cannot review any attempts of cheating that have missed their radar.

In terms of proctoring services, Proctortrack is the world’s most advanced remote online proctoring software. Here’s why Proctortrack’s hybrid model, ProctorLive AI is the killer app for online proctoring. 

ProctorLive AI vs Live proctoring

ProctorLive AILive Proctoring via Webcam
1:16 or up to 1:25 Proctor to Student Ratio1:6 or up to 1:8 Proctor to Student Ratio
ProctorLive AI’s real-time hybrid model pairs live remote human proctors with AI-enhanced auto proctoring.Conventional live proctoring without the assistance of automated AI-based detection and intervention.
Proctor can review any instances of cheating that are flagged by the software.Proctor has to manually review and flag any anomalies in student behavior.
Highly accurate as it can detect up to 26 unique testing violations.Efficiency is limited to the human proctor. Results can be susceptible to human error.

An exception-based live proctoring solution like ProctorLive AI is ideal for high stakes exams where the integrity of a test is of utmost priority. To add an extra level of security, ProctorLive AI comes with Proctor Checkpoint. This allows for a real-time live proctor to confirm in the highest confidence:

  1. Identity Verification and
  2. Room Scan confirmation prior to entering an online testing session
Instructor dashboard proctortrack


This high-touch add-on feature brings a high personal level of security to any test experience and works best with Proctortrack’s tools. How about students? Anything to ease their already piling anxiety? Proctortrack has a solution for that as well.

VeriPass is the baseline profile for a test-taker created with Biometric scans (Face, ID & Knuckle) and includes ID verification, secure data storage, training, and unlimited support. VeriPass enables authentication of the data collected during real exams by comparison against the baseline profile. This way, students can bypass the lengthy verification process for every new exam.

Veripass global number identity by proctortrack


Colleges and universities have to up their game if they want to outsmart cheaters. With ProctorLive AI, institutions can focus on conducting fair exams that bring credibility to the education community.