Learn the Science and Arts of Online Proctored Exams

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Online exams have been a boon for students and institutions. Apart from the fact that they helped to carry on education during a pandemic, they also offer a progressive and flexible learning atmosphere. The online proctoring solution has played a vital role in the evolution of online exams. Indeed, the technology used in online proctoring software has been safeguarding the integrity and credibility of online learning. More and more institutions are shifting to offer flexibility in education delivery. 

Let us see how online proctored examination software works and benefits the education domain.

What Is An Online Proctored Exam?

Proctortrack is AI based Live proctoring solutions. remote test-taking

In simple words, online proctoring works as an invigilator we all have seen during our physical examinations. Institutions must conduct online exams by ensuring that the students do not cheat and assessment of their learning is fair. Online proctoring technology is more or less like traditional invigilation. But in a real sense, these online assessment tools do much more than invigilation; besides that, they work as a link between the Institutions and the students appearing for the exams. Various kinds of online proctoring methodologies are in practice. Suitable online proctored software comes into use depending on how high the stakes are on the exam outcome. 

How Does Online Proctored Exam Software Work?

Online proctored examination software works with several hardware and software support functions. Data and details captured through a computer’s desktop, as audio and video recordings captured during the monitored online assessment, are used for the online proctoring system. 

If we try to explain the entire proctoring process for the online examination, the step-wise procedure will look something like this.

  1. Student Onboarding using Biometric Data and Identity Documents 
  2. Student Authentication Before Starting the Online Assessment
  3. Activation of the Monitoring Infrastructure
  4. Recording and Capturing of Necessary Data and Information During the Online Assessment
  5. Report Compilation and Generation for Post-Assessment Analysis
  6. Delivery of Results

Types of Online Proctoring

There are a few types of proctoring in the online proctored exam software. However, educators always choose their suitable online proctored software basis their requirements. 

1. Live Online Proctoring

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Live online proctoring uses audio, video recording, and screen activity monitoring of the test taker. The necessary information and data are accessible to a remotely placed proctor to analyze and determine exam malpractice. The live proctoring also locks the browser of the test taker’s computer and prohibits access to any restricted website or reference link.

2. Automated Online Proctoring

An automated online proctoring App uses AI and generates an analysis or a report basis on any suspicious behavior of the test taker or any such activity on the computer. Likewise, innovative online proctored exam software like Proctortrack has numerous pre-flagged behavior detection capabilities in its software. The autoproctor test tool recognizes these flags, sends real-time notifications to the administrator, and captures the same in the reports.

3. Human in Loop with Automated Online Proctoring

For high-stakes exams, institutions choose this kind of online proctoring method. Furthermore, the automation’s precision amalgamates with a human proctor’s sharp eyes to create the most secure online exam environment. Additionally, here the human proctor is also getting help from real-time notifications from the automated software in case any suspicious behavior or activity is detected. 

4. In-classroom Online Proctoring

This is an innovative online proctoring method where institutions allow students to bring their own devices for exams. E.g., ProctorTA from Proctortrack, specially designed to help teachers during computer-based classroom exams. Basically, this union helps the teachers to be extra vigilant and equipped to catch any cheating attempt.

Advantages of Online Proctoring

For Educators

  • A Great Support to Manage Remotely held Exams
  • Continuous Client Support
  • Safeguards Exam Integrity
  • Preserves Course Credibility
  • More Class learning Time can be Devoted instead of Time Consumed for Assessment.

For Students

  • It makes Education More Accessible and Credible
  • Easy to Use
  • Live Support from Proctoring Service Providers
  • It helps in Managing the Stress of Online Exams
  • Eliminate Chances of Unfair Advantage of Cheating: Fair Assessment

Proctored Exams: Safeguarding Integrity and Credibility

Certainly, online proctoring is a game changer in the online learning industry. Above all, it gives an edge to online education platforms by safeguarding the credibility of their assessment. Online proctoring solution providers such as Proctortrack are always on the path of self-improvisation. They keep raising their guard with the evolving challenges associated with cheating techniques and technology. Any online exam must have a high-quality proctoring partner. Because having the right technology on your side can make your assessment process stress-free, fair and secure.