Learn How Proctortrack Improves Your Test-taking Experience

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For the achievers who don’t comprise, Proctortrack is here! Exams are the most crucial part of your academic year. Be it a weekly assessment, fall or spring semesters, or high-quality, competitive exams. Every student prepares hard and sometimes goes the extra mile to make their families proud and gain an edge to their careers. In an era where conducting and giving exams was running as smoothly as possible, COVID-19 touched down and changed the entire world. 

Teaching and assessments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) Proctortrack is the best solution for proctoring

But, here’s a positive side to the story. As we know, the education sector was struck massively due to the pandemic and might be the last one to return to normalcy; it is the only sector breaking new grounds in terms of growth. 

Online learning emerges as a breath of fresh air!

Remote test-taking. The rise of online learning during th.e COVID-19 pandemic. Proctortrack changing remote test-taking experience.

Online education is increasing day by day with the latest advancements in technology. Even before the pandemic, the elearning market in the U.S. will grow to $6.22 US billion between 2017 and 2022, according to Technavio (2018)

E-learning & more

Learning experience platforms (LXPs), the next-level learning management systems (LMS), will play a crucial role in providing customized and social online learning experience. Learning Experience Platforms or LXPs, the market that has already passed the $350 million mark (Bersin, 2018), are AI-powered learning mediums expected to take flight in the coming years. (Dixit, 2019)

Currently, online proctoring solutions are the most sought after tools adopted by institutions during the pandemic.

How is Proctortrack changing remote test-taking experience?

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Proctortrack is the world’s most advanced online proctoring software that makes remote proctoring simple, fun, and reliable. Its AI-enabled technology, user-driven design, and accurate results make the test-taking experience smooth and effective. 

Makes remote test-taking simple and effortless!

For  Students

For  Instructors

  • Log in to your LMS & Select your test


The Proctortrack student experience begins with a seamless integration into all major LMS environments, by simply selecting a Proctortrack-enabled exam.

  • Enable proctoring for your Exam


The Proctortrack instructor experience begins with a seamless integration into all major LMS environments, where enabling an exam to be monitored by Proctortrack can be done with one click.

  • Download & launch the Proctortrack application


Students will be prompted to run Proctortrack, a light application that should download quickly, in less than one minute, and does not require administrative rights.

  • Configure proctoring settings to meet your needs


Customizable proctoring settings, available when setting up a test, adjust the exam terms to meet each instructor’s unique requirements.

  • Verify your identity


Proctortrack uses multi-factor biometric authentication to verify the identity of students, upon entry. Each student will provide face, ID, and knuckle scans, which will be measured against the student’s baseline biometric profile, stored on file.

  • Test sessions are processed & returned


After students complete their exams, proctoring data is processed against Proctortrack’s finely-tuned algorithms and returned within 48 hours to the Proctortrack Instructor Dashboard. Proctortrack’s automation enables instructors to focus their time strictly on the students and instances that require their attention, as students are assigned a score based on the number of incidents detected and violations within each session are pre-flagged and time-stamped.

  • Take your test


A blue frame will appear around the screen to indicate that proctoring has begun and the student is being monitored. After completing and submitting the test, the student may end proctoring and close/uninstall the Proctortrack application. All proctoring data will be transferred to Proctortrack’s secure servers to process against our proprietary algorithms and delivered back to instructors for review, after which it will be purged in accordance with the data retention policy to which your institution agreed.

  • Review proctoring results


Each student report includes identity verification scans, desktop screenshots of any misconduct, and video playback of the student’s testing environment to ensure results are delivered in context.

Benefits of a remote proctored exam -

1. Skips traffic and commute :

Candidates have the convenience of giving the exam in their homes’ comfort, avoiding hours of commute and traffic. 

2. Technology makes it easy :

With proper connectivity and devices, an online proctored exam becomes the most straightforward approach. Students do not have to speed up their writing to finish off their tests, making it a bit effortless. 

Remote test-taking.

3. Cuts down administrative costs :

Online proctoring eliminates the need to arrange in-person invigilators and test centers, removing huge administrative and staff costs.

4. Wider geographical reach :

Online invigilation enables the education system to scale worldwide. It helps to run more exams and with a greater geographic range. 

5. Improved security and cheat-proof tests :

A remote proctored examination is the most viable option, especially during the current situation. Online proctoring gives the benefit of increased security, as the student remains more cautious, knowing that an unseen proctor is monitoring via webcam. Proctortrack’s AI-enabled technology helps detect and flag various violations like suspicious faces, multiple people in the room, phone detection, etc. 

Proctortrack is AI based Live proctoring solutions. remote test-taking

Endnote -

Schools and colleges are still under the view that online exams seem walking on thin ice. But remote proctoring has changed the perspective of many. Proctortrack offers four levels of proctoring, one of which is AI-based blended with live proctoring. The world needs such advanced technology to conquer the current and forthcoming challenges. And take online education to the next level.