How to Protect Your Business with ID Verification Tools

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Businesses have been facing theft issues for a long time. People illegally access their data, hack their websites or steal their identity to buy and sell things and establish fake links with the banks. When the world was hit with a deadly pandemic last year, human interaction became limited, and everything shifted to the virtual world. Since then, people are working from home, businesses have started their online forums, and education is being carried out online to prevent a short haul.

With such a massive presence of people on the internet carrying crucial activities, data protection and information become essential. Companies need to be a lot more vigilant to protect themselves from facing any identity theft issues. They must not share secret information about the business on their websites, keep a regular check on their account details and regularly review all the reports. Apart from this, they must also install software and take the help of service providers to ensure maximum protection of their data. In short, it is equally important to have a theft monitoring system in a company as important it is to have a social distancing monitoring system in companies these days.

To get the best protection services for your business, you must immediately contact Verificient Technologies. It is a Trusted Identity-as-a-Service (TIaaS) platform that aims to provide verification and authentication of businesses’ identities by offering some acceptable solutions that have been designed using artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometrics, etc. Their services are widespread, and service benefits to education, HR departments, remote labor force management, etc.

We shall look at four of their infamous and incredible solutions built to meet every client’s unique needs.


It is one of the most advanced remote proctoring solutions that leverages Artificial Intelligence and patented continuous identity verification to provide exam integrity to educational institutions. In the current times when education is being conducted online along with all the assessments, this solution can make sure that the student doesn’t cheat and gives his/her exam with complete honesty. It is incredibly affordable and easily accessible for all sorts of high stake and low stake examinations.


Remote working and online proctoring

Remote Desk 

Remote Desk is undoubtedly the most advanced and reliable solution for managing work that is being done from home. It has also made use of Artificial Intelligence to secure the identities and employment of people working from home. It also provides the workers with transparency, accountability, and ease of complying with their companies’ work-from-home policies. So if you are a company that fears the theft of their worker’s work in the times of COVID, they should certainly seek this solution.


A customer of these solutions can either get Veripass simultaneously with Proctor Track or use the Veripass services alone. Veripass is the baseline profile created for test-takers and includes all the biometric scans of face, knuckle, and ID. It includes ID verification to protect the forgery of documents, integrity of examinations, security of data, etc. This solution also makes it easy for companies to immediately identify the employees’ culprits behind any theft carried out.

With these fantastic solutions to all the different types of thefts possible in a business and an incredibly responsive customer care service, Verificient has you sorted. It ultimately recognizes and respects the immense value of integrity, privacy, and authentication. It makes sure to provide cost-effective services so that all types of businesses can use it irrespective of the scale they operate on. You can contact them at any hour of the day, and their excellent representatives will guide you through the entire procedure.