How the Delta variant surge prompts colleges to move exams online

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Exams are instrumental for validating a learner’s knowledge level from the beginning of the educational system. The importance of studying for examinations is critical in today’s competitive world, which is dominated by digital education. As a result, the possibilities of interacting with the internet have increased dramatically in all areas, leading to the scenario of assessing online and offline test formats. Most tests have been performed as offline exams for a long time, but the new method of online exams was established following the internet boom, and it is currently used in the majority of competitive exams. 

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Without a doubt, COVID-19 gives us the opportunity to subside the traditional ways of education, which is why today’s competitive examinations are primarily computer-based. When it comes to high-stakes exams, lakhs of students who take their school and college examinations in the traditional manner have to take their exams online. Except for experienced applicants, hardly all candidates are pleased with online exams. 

The future of education

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Education is essential for a person’s success; it guarantees that they live to their full potential. With technological advancement and digitalization, the education system throughout the world is gradually changing. A number of universities are turning to online education. With the outbreak of the pandemic and the introduction of online classrooms, a number of organizations have begun to provide online exams. Over the previous decade, the educational system has undergone several changes, the most significant of which has been in the style of learning and testing.

Shift to online learning

Educational institutions are gradually shifting toward online teaching and education, which is altering students’ and parents’ perceptions of learning. Students frequently ask if an online or offline exam is preferable. Exams conducted online have a number of advantages, including lower operational and administrative costs, lack of security and the use of unfair means (cheating), and ease of use for students and organizers. Aside from the various additional advantages, online exams have decreased the time it takes to examine the responses sheets and formulate the results. Aside from the various additional advantages, online exams have decreased the time it takes to examine the responses sheets and formulate the results. As a result, there is a typical issue over whether to take the exam online or offline.


In 2021, online proctored exams are becoming increasingly popular, with many colleges, institutions, and competitive testing bodies abandoning pen-and-paper tests. The term “online examination” refers to a test that is done entirely on a computer without the use of a physical question paper. Candidates must choose the correct answer from four alternatives and mark it on a virtual response sheet in order to pass an online exam using Multiple Choice Questions.

Online examinations, also known as Computer Based Tests (CBT), are advantageous to organizers since they pose no security or cheating risks, are a safe and trustworthy form of examination, and save time in checking answers and preparing results. Exam centers for computer-based examinations are established in colleges or computer laboratories that have the necessary facilities and procedures to administer the online examination. 


  • Online examinations in 2021 have evolved into a requirement rather than a pleasure. For school kids, online exams are essential because they reduce the likelihood of youngsters coming into touch with one another, therefore maintaining social distance.
  • The relevance and urgency of implementing technology in education has begun to be recognized by educational stakeholders.
  • A substantial percentage of these educational stakeholders, over 82 percent, have already moved to online ways for conducting 


The benefits and features of online proctored exams listed above are intended to provide a level playing field for all students. Students realize that if academic dishonesty is prevented and deterred, the value of their education will be preserved, and institutions’ reputations will be safeguarded.


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The main difference between conducting tests offline and online is that while taking examinations offline, you must be extremely careful to avoid fraudulent behavior, whereas remote proctoring provides a safe and secure approach to monitor students as they take the exam. Utilizing our online exam web app and online exam mobile app, educational institutions may now conduct any basic level of test to the major exam using an online platform that reduces total complexity. There are many online examination platforms that provide security while conducting exams.


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Did you know that verifying student ID is required by law in several educational programs? Student ID is verified using online proctoring software. While some are mandated by law, it’s reasonable to assume that all schools want to make sure the student taking the online exam is the same one who is enrolled in the course. Students just start the online exam to validate their ID, and the online proctoring system will record the text on their ID as well as their photo, ensuring that the student taking the distant exam is the student receiving credit.

  • Id verification
  • Video-monitoring and sound detection
  • Allowed URLs and test configurations / applications
  • Lockdown browsers / sites restriction
  • Cell phone detection


Another benefit of proctored examinations is the Advance AI integrated tool, which has elevated remote proctoring to new heights. It’s because improved face identification techniques or technology, such as machine learning, may provide succinct, accurate results, outperforming human proctors. By reducing prejudice and human error, such advanced elements can assist companies and institutions in achieving a greater degree of integrity.


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For teachers, setting up online proctored exams may be easy and quick. Students find it simpler to take an online test since they can do it while sitting at home, and they can re-edit the written content, which is not feasible when taking the exam on paper. As a result, pupils profit greatly from remote proctoring. Students benefit from online proctoring exams since they do not have to drive to a testing facility to take an exam. They can simply administer the test from the comfort of their own homes. They just require a quicker internet connection in order to conduct examinations efficiently. As a result, for thousands of students, remote proctoring is a handy way to take the exam.


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Whether it’s online proctoring or laptops and keyboards, every technology utilized in education should be approachable. All students should be able to use the online proctoring system, and it should connect with your existing LMS. Additionally, teachers should be able to make accommodations using the proctoring solution. In an online test, accommodations may include extending time restrictions, changing due dates, or providing washroom breaks. Online proctoring offers all of the advantages of in-person proctoring, plus a few more. Testing centers can eliminate the need for in-person proctors by integrating AI and live proctoring, which makes scheduling easier and lowers expenses.



Online proctoring software gives you complete control over your online exam programs at any moment. Students have the option of selecting their preferred time slot. They can administer the online test anywhere they have access to the appropriate technology. Furthermore, data submitted on all devices gets synced and stored in real time to the cloud via the online test platform. Multiple users can exchange and edit exam information at the same time using an online test platform. Only one person can access the information at a time when using the offline test platform. The flexibility of time and place is limited in an offline test platform, but an online test allows you to enhance your exam performance from the comfort of your own home. Timed and untimed tests are available on the offline test platform.


Because of inadequate internet access in distant regions, the online exam platform is not suitable. If the users have access to the internet, they will be able to take the test at any time and from any location. Students can take assessments offline if they don’t have access to the internet. Because there is no requirement for the internet, students can give tests several times.


After the exam, the online test programs deliver a very quick result. Following the completion of the exam, the result is generated automatically. Students can view the outcome on their computer screens. Offline computer-based test software, on the other hand, gives a complete answer and includes an analysis of the tried exam. Students will also receive extensive graphical reports and comparison analyses.


It is highly expensive to offer adequate internet access to all students, and it is not possible at all times and in all places. Every machine must be completely installed with offline test software before conducting an offline exam. If you wish to take the exam offline, you’ll need to set up a computer system for all of your pupils at the same time.


Preventing cheating in an online exam

With one-on-one invigilation, academic misconduct is less likely to occur. Each student is accompanied and monitored by a personal invigilator, which is a piece of software that is installed on his or her computer.


  • The growing popularity of online education necessitates the development of online certification alternatives so that tests can scale to match the demand for online courses.
  • Remote proctoring services and the software are much more beneficial and in demand too.
  • Exam integrity and cheating prevention for an organization’s tests
  • Candidates who want more exam alternatives may take the following steps.
  • Organizations want to give an alternative to going to a testing center.
  • At critical times of the year, reduce the demand for test hall space.
  • Finding additional test centers or exam partners in remote places is difficult.
  • Exams can employ a greater range of questions and answers.
  • Managing paper examinations and safe couriers becomes less of a logistical headache.
  • Security around marking, results moderation, and storage of completed papers and results is easier to handle.

Remote proctoring for future exams

For educational institutions and students, the online education system is a more convenient choice. Cheating and content fraud are concerns that needs major attention. Online proctoring software makes the process of taking and grading tests much easier. The introduction of AI and its hardcore usage with human mind proctoring has enabled colleges to administer examinations securely and effectively. For hassle-free tests, institutes may rely on this software. As a result, proctoring is becoming increasingly necessary as new learning techniques emerge and e-learning becomes increasingly relevant for all educational institutions.

Besides, these programs may be used to boost efficiency and productivity at the same time. Because of the numerous advantages of online testing, the majority of competitive examinations and entrance exams in India are rapidly transitioning to online testing. It would not be surprising if most examinations were administered online rather than offline in the near future. One of the main reasons for switching to an online exam is the operational setup, logistical costs, and administration. In addition, question paper leaks, as well as the safety and confidentiality of questions, are major concerns in offline tests.