How Online Proctoring is Empowering LMSs with Integration

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Online education has been there for quite some time now. However, the industry acceptance only came after it got the proper infrastructure for online proctored examinations. But, with fair and secure assessments, the whole idea of online education is worthwhile. Therefore, online proctoring has been a strong pillar in building the foundation of remote education. Especially contemporary Learning Management Systems need a robust and seamless integration with online proctoring solutions. 

Let us explore some dimensions of LMS integration with online proctoring solutions and find the answer to What is LMS Proctoring?

learning management system integration

LMSs and Their Uses

Numerous tech firms have developed some exquisite solutions for learning management systems. Canvas is heavily into offering online courses from various leading universities worldwide. Hence, their courses need a competent online proctoring solution to deliver a robust exam environment. Safeguarding the credibility of the exam is of paramount importance for such LMS.

Similarly online proctoring provider like Proctortrack offers complete integration with Blackboard. This LMS itself has the most intuitive and responsive interface. Hence, they need a seamless and hassle-free integration to enhance the exam integrity of their courses. Open-source learning platforms like Moodle make good use of online proctoring solutions. They are determined to offer a virtual educational academy kind of experience to the user.

The LMS industry giants like D2L, Open Edx, Sakai, and Edsby function similarly. Their integration offers a great learning and testing experience to the institutes and students. Technical compatibility and customization are key to creating a seamless and robust exam environment.

How do online proctored exam software work?

Proctoring Within Learning Management Systems

Undoubtedly, the online proctoring platform is a helpful tool to add credibility and accuracy to the assessment process of online learning. Online testing solutions such as Proctortrack have the potential to manage small quizzes, mid-sized semester tests, and large scale more complex assessments with high stakes. These proctoring solutions merge seamlessly with LMS exam modules using versatile APIs to create a seamless and secure exam environment.

The best part about using LMS integration is that the test takers can juggle between applications with separate credentials. A single login can be adequate to complete the whole process of assessment. That is why institutes and universities understand the importance of LMS integration solutions.

Proctoring Methods to Monitor Exams in LMS Integrations

Several proctoring methods are available for LMS testing with leading proctoring service providers like Proctortrack. The administrator or the teacher can choose the appropriate kind of method that can give them accurate assessment results. Educators also have to consider the stakes of a particular exam. Elementary-level exams can go for a single-layered proctoring method, and multiple checkpoints are helpful if the stakes go high.

• Browser Lock

For elementary-level exams like K12, a primary browser lock is practical. The locking mechanism of the browser can prohibit access to any other browser that may help the test taker cheat. The browser lock may sound very basic in functionality, but it is effective in low stake high scale exams and can prevent cheating attempts to a great extent.

• Live Proctoring

Live proctoring is a replica of classroom invigilation. The proctor or the invigilators can monitor multiple students using live audio-video feeds. The proctoring leverages online proctoring services to gain control over the audio and video hardware of the test taker’s device to monitor their movements.

• Recorded Proctoring

Recorded online proctoring captures the audio and video of the test takers and their desktop activity during the test. The captured data is available to the exam administrators for analysis, and detailed reports are shared with the administrator to determine the cheating attempts.

• Live Advanced Proctoring with AI

With stakes getting high on particular online testing where the accuracy of results matters a lot, the online proctoring system must be more advanced. In this kind of proctoring method, live proctoring happens with the support of AI. In most of the best learning management systems, administrators have dedicated dashboards to monitor suspicious behavior and pre-flagged alerts for prohibited actions. Using Artificial Intelligence and proctoring solutions built the capability to identify and notify prohibited activities to the administrator at a later stage.

• Live AI Proctoring with Human-in-a-Loop

This method tries to make the best use of the accuracy of AI and the wisdom and discretion of a human. The proctoring software monitors in a live environment and helps the human proctors assess the same using a dashboard. The difference here is the one-student-to-one proctor ratio.

• In-Classroom Proctoring

The In-classroom proctoring helps teachers to conduct computer-based classroom assessments efficiently. Where the experienced eyes of the invigilators fail to reach proctoring solution installed on the student laptop fills up the gap. The classroom invigilator has a dashboard that alerts if any suspicious activity is happening on a student’s laptop.

Deliverables of Online Proctoring for LMS Exams

• Complete LMS Integration

The customization and integration capability are critical for any online proctoring solution. Therefore, the users should be free from toggling between applications with various credentials during tests. Indeed, seamless LMS integration helps the administrator and test takers sail through the process smoothly.

• Accurate Reports for Post-Assessment Analysis

A critical feature of an ideal proctoring solution is that it should help the teacher/administrator with precise data and information about the online testing conducted. Any suspicious behaviors should be captured in the report for the admin to revisit and investigate. The accuracy and timely delivery of reports are essential to fair test results. Learning management (LMS) providers prefer proctoring solutions with this crucial feature.

• Virtual Machine and Stealth App Detection

Advanced cheating techniques are happening around us. Students will manipulate technology and system to cheat and go ahead with online testing. Therefore the proctoring solution must have the required preventive technology to identify and deter advanced cheating technologies. Also, real-time alerts and prompt prevention are critical to a robust and secure remote exam environment.

• Scalable and Customizable Solution

The online proctoring solution for LMS integration should be as customizable as possible. Because different kinds of institutes use learning management systems and require other capabilities and modules to make the most of the technology. Also, having economic value to the proposition is essential, and especially for large-scale exams having better pricing is always a welcome thing.

• Summing Up

LMSs are doing a great job of delivering education beyond conventional brick-and-mortar structures. Also, these learning management system integrations facilitate the traditional classrooms to convert their course material into digital format and make it more accessible to students. The online testing suite integrates with LMS software and hence creates a seamless symphony of fair, accessible, and secure educational infrastructure. An online proctoring leader like Proctortrack offers a highly customizable solution that integrates with all prominent LMS platforms. Many schools, institutions, and universities use such integrated solutions to create a robust education and assessment infrastructure, which is the ideal way forward.