How AI Is Dropping The ‘Old-School’ Methods Of Learning

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What if, in this day and age, we prefer conventional ways of learning? What if we still practice the same concept of textbook learning with no smart classes? The answer to these questions is, we would lose interest in the entire education system. But, fortunately, the education sector is evolving by the day. Unlike previous years, millennials and Gen Z are searching for alternatives to full-time, on-campus programs, and universities are now offering non-traditional paths to a degree. 

AI Gives Life To Online Learning Systems!

Learning management systems (LMS) are software platforms for instructors to manage and organize educational courses online.

With the advent of online courses and assessments, technology is playing a major role in transforming the methods of e-learning. Consequently, universities now provide various options in the form of webinars, MOOCs, digital learning programs, among others. And therefore, AI is one such innovation that is setting new milestones for online education

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Online Learning

Transforming online learning with AI. Using AI and biometrics to enhance exam proctoring

To meet the current demands of advanced learning, AI, cutting-edge technology is changing the entire virtual experience. Higher learning institutions now look up to an automated system for conducting exams and grading. 

AI-enabled learning management systems (LMS) give birth to various learning forms: textual, graphical, infographics, auditory, visual, etc. This makes the entire process of teaching less time consuming and more engaging.   

Setting Goals For Personalized Learning

Proctortrack is a Remote Online Proctoring Platform to proctor the remote online exams and tests

Every teacher gets snowed under the pressure of teaching one concept to many. More so, it does not match every learner’s pace of learning. Hence, AI learning tools help them track each student’s performance. Artificial intelligence can track an individual’s past performance and modify the current learning material as per their convenience. 

Cutting Off Teachers’ Manual Workload

Artificial Intelligence in Online Proctoring to Improve Online Proctoring

There are days when teachers spend hours grading papers and preparing upcoming lectures. However, with automated systems, they can now stay relaxed and focus on other activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is turning the grading system entirely online. 

Together WE Can!

Using Artificial Intelligence in Education: Computer-Based Tools for Instructional Development. Proctortrack is online proctoring solution for online exam

As Artificial Intelligence is computer-based, it helps connect different classrooms worldwide, enabling good cooperation, communication, and collaboration among schools and countries.

How Proctortrack Blends AI with Online Proctoring:

Proctortrack is the only automated online remote proctoring solution that continuously verifies online test-takers’ identities while detecting academic misconduct, making it intuitive to use.

ProctorLive AI

Exception-based Live Proctoring with AI.

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Proctortrack’s Level 4 – ProctorLive AI is a real-time hybrid model. It couples live remote human proctors with AI-enhanced auto proctoring intervention capabilities in suspicious behaviors, cheating, or aid a student. Once a student finishes an online proctored exam, ProctorLive AI provides testing integrity results analyzed with Artificial Intelligence. This solution is ideal for high stakes exams and turns out to be the most exceptional software in an online learning platform